Peas in His Time

One of my favourite pastimes is speculating on my fellow shoppers’ home lives based on the contents of their basket at the checkout. But it isn’t always easy.

We were in Mark & Spencer at about 2:30 today, patiently waiting our turn, when an elderly man asked if he could nip in front of us in the queue as he only had a tin of peas.

From the smell of beer wafting from him, he had obviously spent a couple of hours in the pub and was in a rush to get home with his ‘prize’, so we demurred.

It was then the speculation started as I imagined that he had been sent on his errand at around 11am by his harassed wife as she prepared for a Sunday visitation by relatives.

What a great excuse to escape to the pub, but how to explain his absence? I’m sure he had a story planned of the great canned pea shortage, but that he had persevered with his mission as he handed over the last can of peas to be found in Stockport.

‘Can of peas?’ says his wife. ‘I told you we needed canapés!’

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  • john 13th November 2011

    I do this kind of thing too!!!!
    i always have the urge to slip a 5£ note into the megre baskets old people hump around!

  • rhymeswithplague 15th November 2011

    I love the allusion to Chamberlain.


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