R is for Robben Island

Can I complete the whole of Round 9 of ABC Wednesday based on our four week stay in South Africa in February? Click on the photos to enlarge.

I had a dilemma when I reached the letter R in this round of ABC Wednesday — I wanted to write about Cecil Rhodes, but how could I not include Robben Island?

So I’ve done both. You can read about Cecil here and below is a gallery of photos I took on South Africa’s former prison island.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Roger Green 16th November 2011

    Oddly appealing, or maybe it’s just the photographer’s skills.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Scriptor Senex 16th November 2011

    Some great shots and I love that strange old cable winding machine.

  • Oakland Daily Photo 16th November 2011

    Now a place of pilgrimage. And rightly so.

  • Francisca 16th November 2011

    No, Roger, not appealing, not at all! I shiver at the thought of having my wings clipped and being stuck behind bars. But you are right, the photos are evocative! Some interesting POVs in your series, Shooting Parrot.

  • Meryl 16th November 2011

    I love the juxtaposition of the tree photo (with clear open blue sky) next to the two prison cells!


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