Weather or Not

Bredbury War MemorialWhat is it with weather forecasters? Every day this week it has been sunny, warm(ish) and wall to wall blue sky and every day this week the forecasters have told us to make the most of it because it will be cloudy and wet tomorrow. And every day they were wrong.

Not that I’m complaining about the weather, it’s just that I feel compelled to go out with my camera, not knowing when I might next get the chance. Which means I now have three full memory cards to process.

I was quite pleased with the photo above. It was taken at Bredbury War Memorial which you have to get to in the morning before it falls into shade.

I also got lots of autumn shots at Etherow Park, again not too far from home, and the sunshine really brought out the colours of the fence, the grass and the telegraph pole on the right.

The question is, do I listen to what the weather forecasters tell me any more? Or should I revert to the pine cones and seaweed that my granddad always swore by.

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  • Jennyta 17th November 2011

    No, just be thankful you haven’t been in Wales this week, where the clouds have been all encompassing, relentlessly, every day… Need I go on? 😉

  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th November 2011

    Generally speaking, I would contend that weather forecasters get it right most of the time but I have also been fooled a couple of times recently when sunshine happened unexpectedly – piercing the grey cloud blanket. So I also had to frolic outdoors with my camera in hand.


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