Great Expectations

Don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. There is no greater truism than this, but it seems that someone is always fooled, especially when it comes to the beneficence of the state.

My daughter works part-time to help finance her studies and  effectively job shares with a girl who is pregnant. She wondered what she might do after the baby was born and, with her mother’s help, she looked into what she might expect in terms of state child benefit.

On the strength of this, she made all sorts of plans that included renting a three-bedroom house in a leafy part of town, designer clothes for baby and domestic bliss for mum. And all this because she was anticipating over £1,000 a month in child benefit.

It came as quite a shock when one of her colleagues suggested that she re-check the information because the child benefit is actually £1,000 a year. So shattered dreams all round.

What I can’t understand is why her mother thought it would be so much, after all she must have claimed child herself. I can only assume that both believed the stories in the media that having babies is akin to a guaranteed income.

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  • john 22nd November 2011

    my daily mail sensitivities started to rear their ugly heads just then!!!!!
    (believe me I dont read it)
    if it was actually 1000£ a month I would throw myself off the nearest building!

  • Francisca 23rd November 2011

    Talk about counting your chickens… (and I don’t believe ANYTHING I read in a newspaper… LOL!)


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