iPad Envy

iPad EnvyI have been an idle blogger of late and I haven’t much of an excuse except the usual ones — too many other things to do and nothing interesting to write about, not even of interest to me. But it also might have something to do with a bad case of iPad envy.

My daughter brought home her new toy on Friday, a replacement for her five-year-old iBook and necessary for her university work she says.

It is such a beautiful gadget, so stylish as you would no doubt agree, and yet it is also perfectly functional. Websites adjust to fit its screen and the streaming of iPlayer is rapid and the picture crystal clear.

The compact wi-fi keyboard is quite adequate for all the usual computer tasks as the iPad itself props itself up on its integral cover, and it stores everything you do on a cloud somewhere in the sky.

And I’m jealous. I have wanted an iPad for at least a year, but there has always been one major stumbling block. I  desired one, of course, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to own one.

If I want to watch a tv programme, I can turn on the tv. If I want to surf the web, I can use my PC. If I want to take a photo, I use my camera. If I want handy access to my contacts, I could buy a cheap mobile phone.

So I put it from my mind, but having one in the house has triggered the old yearning. If anyone can come with with a plausible reason (excuse) to buy one, I would be grateful.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th November 2011

    Reason for buying one? Because you are a materialistic, gadget-obsessed man-boy who used to nag his parents for ice creams and expensive extra equipment for Ronald (your Action Man)? When Madam Parrot asks what you want for Christmas – just say an i-Pad and be done with it. You can always use it as a tray for your digestives.

  • Roger Green 28th November 2011

    Oh, yes. you don’t want to buy one. You want someone to give it to you for Christmas/birthday. I’ve been there, when I didn’t NEED something but really WANTED it.

  • Paul Garrard 1st December 2011

    Go for an Android Tab instead of Apple’s restrictive product is my advise. Just saying.


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