Life’s Little Irritants – No 19

On the whole, I am an optimistic and joyous soul which is why my Life’s Little Irritant’s posts are so very occasional and, if I’m honest, this one is pretty petty, but the question has to asked – where have all the cream deodorants gone?

I’m of an age to recall a time when personal hygiene  of the armpit was taken care of with a soap and flannel wash once, or maybe twice a day, depending on who you were trying to impress.

Then someone invented BO and the only solution to this novel social problem was Lifebuoy Soap. (Actually, the body odour acronym was first coined in 1919 by the makes of the ladies’ deodorant, Odo-Ro-No, but we didn’t have Wikipedia in those days to know any better.)

Women then started using products like Mum’s roll-on to perfume their axilla regions and it was only a matter of time before their menfolk were cajoled into doing the same.

I was never keen on the roll-on, particularly in those early days, because it took so long to dry. You had to apply it around twenty minutes before donning your shirt and wander around flapping your arms like a chicken in a vain attempt to make it dry quicker.

Spool forward to more recent times and the supermarkets and pharmacies have whole aisles dedicated to giving us confidence that we have dealt with that personal problem that not even our best friends would whisper to us about.

As well as roll-ons, there are aerosols, both wet and dry, sticks, perfumed and non-perfumed, organic and natural and some some with an aroma that will drive women to tear off your clothes, assuming you’re interested in that sort of thing.

But my preference was for Vaseline Intensive Care Cream Deodorant for two reasons. First, put it on after a shower and it is dry by the time you’ve finished cleaning your teeth and second, it doesn’t irritate my skin.

I’ve been using it for years, which brings me to my LLI because some months ago, it simply vanished from the shelves.

I assumed this was done on a buyer’s whim at my usual supermarket, and I told them of my dissatisfaction when asked by a customer surveyor if there had been anything I had been unable to buy on one trip. Not that it has made any difference.

However, as I tried various stores and pharmacies, there was no cream deodorant to be had of any brand and I began to wonder if some connected health scare fad had passed me by — ‘Cream Deodorants Cause Bad Breath’, that sort of thing.

I have tried alternative products, but didn’t like them, and in the end I’ve had to order my favourite brand online from Amazon. (Is there anything they don’t sell?)

So I have two LLIs to complain about: the arbitrary decisions by chain stores to discontinue a much loved product and having to pay postage and packing to order it from another supplier.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th November 2011

    My philosophy with deodorant is to buy the cheapest roll-on I can find – usually from Lidl or Aldi. I also try to avoid anything that claims it is an “anti-perspirant” as I believe it is natural to sweat when you’re hot. I never use spray deodorants as they irritate my skin. Another thing that suddenly left the shelves without any trumpeting was simple GII razor blades with no stupid lubricating strips. They have completely disappeared. Current men’s razor blades by Gillette are outrageously expensive.

  • Roger Green 29th November 2011

    Not familiar with cream deodorants. The first thing I used was the Right Guard spray, which I found irritating. I buy the cheapest roll-on.

  • john 29th November 2011

    I’ve let myself go

    I just stink x


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