Christmas Lull-aby

I’ve been strangely quiet again on the writing front. I’m not sure why. I suspect it’s pre-Christmas preoccupation.

There is the usual dilemma over what gifts to get for whom, battling with the crowds at the supermarket (why do people start stocking up so early?), taking advantage of the free parking in Stockport and resolving not get so grumpy about the whole thing this year.

And to make a start on my resolution, I have used this quiet time to decorate Shooting Parrots with its own Christmas tree in the spirit of the season.

It was created by Andy Warhol in 1958, believe it or nor, but I chose it because I loved it.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Mr Quelch 4th December 2011

    Rhodes! See me in my study after prep! Surely you can get the five letters of the simple verb “start” in the correct order! Five of the best for you my lad!

  • Roger Green 4th December 2011

    My post this morning had FOUR typos, which I’ve since corrected.
    As to your main point, you should gather and steal/borrow ideas from other people’s blogs. That’s what I’ll be doing this season…

  • john 4th December 2011

    ,… the Christmas Tree….. very…..Doris Day and Rock Hudson

  • Mr Parrot 5th December 2011

    If I was being pedantic, I would say that three of the five letters in ‘start’ were in the correct order, however, wrists slapped, the typo is corrected YP.


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