Seven Little Girls

Continuing my trip down memory lane that I started yesterday, here is another song from the Christmas pantomimes of my youth.

This one may have been in 1959 when Paul Evans got to number 25 in the UK singles charts with Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat.

As I recall, the number was a late addition to the show and was a tab scene, one of those performed in front of the curtain while the scenery was changed behind.

The car was made up of pairs of chairs with a cardboard ‘car’ fuselage facing the audience.

Me and six other eight year old boys were made to play the ‘girls’ for laughs, make-up, wigs the lot, miming to the record.

Such was our embarrassment and disgust, and so sullen was our performance, that the song was dropped after the first night.

Here is a more enthusiastic rendition by Paul Evans with a rather glaring error if you can spot it.

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  • Elizabeth 6th December 2011

    Obvious numerical mistake aside, no matter how lack-lustre your own performance may have been. I’m sure that you must have managed to come across as slightly more animated than these dolly birds. As the saying goes, ‘Plastic people do plastic things’. x

  • Roger Green 6th December 2011

    That is DEMENTED.

  • rhymeswithplague 6th December 2011

    I actually remember this song. I was 18 in 1959. I don’t know whether it is the same artist or there was a U.S. version, but I definitely remember this song!

  • Mr Parrot 6th December 2011

    Elizabeth: I suppose the shortage of dolly girls must be down to the number of puppeteers they could fit in the back of the car. I thought the Paul Evans lookalike Fred puppet was a rather conceited touch.

    Mr Plague: I believe the song was originally recorded by the Avons in 1958 and there have been several versions since. However, I suspect it is the Paul Evans recording you can recall as he was (and still is) an American and the record a ‘hit’ both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Cindy 8th December 2011

    My father used to listen to this song on vinyl:) I have a lot of memories as i was a child, i remember when i came home from school and i saw my dad sitting in the chair, reading the newspaper and listening to records. Anyway, nice track:)


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