Normal Service Resumed

It is good to be back after my sojourn in Cleckhuddersfax. Apologies to anyone confused by the parochial surrealism of my Maurice Wilson posts and thanks to those who joined in via the comments.

The exciting news while I’ve been away is that Shooting Parrots was awarded the gold medal in the Laughing Horse Blog Awards for 2011.

The award was particularly appreciated as the committee is chaired by Yorkshire Pudding, illustrating that the Lancashire/Yorkshire rivalry bark is worse than its bite.

I was also up against tough competition from some of my own personal blog favourites, including Demob Happy Teacher, Rhymes With Plague, Going Gently and My Dad’s a Communist.

I shall certainly wear my badge with pride and have even take down my Christmas tree early to include it in my sidebar.

.To update matters on my ‘second’ Christmas it was a near perfect day for the four of us. Successful gifts, good food, silly games and seasonal tv when we needed a breather.

Only one gift missed the spot for me and it was entirely my own fault because I chose it.

I asked for ‘I’ve Said It Before…’, a collection of unpublished letters to the Daily Mail based on my enjoyment of similar collections from the Daily Telegraph.

The contributors to the Telegraph’s letters page tend to be bonkers and reactionary, they are at least well-written and entertaining, whereas the people who write to the Daily Mail and just bonkers and reactionary. I’m a third of the way through the book and it hasn’t raised more than a smile so far.

Forget the Mail then, but I do recommend ‘Am I Alone in Thinking…’, ‘I Could Go On…’ and ‘I Rest My Case…’.

End of consumer advice. I now intend to catch up on some of my blog reading.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Roger Green 27th December 2011

    Well, I’m glad for your award.
    Happy that you got what you asked for, even though you didn’t necessarily enjoy it.
    Got my Hess truck!

  • john 27th December 2011

    well deserved…… (said through slightly gritted teeth)

  • Jennyta 27th December 2011

    I’m rather sorry that you are back home again, SP. I have been enjoying your accounts of life in that there Yorkshire! 😉

  • rhymeswithplague 27th December 2011

    I am so happy for you, Ian! That you received this award, I mean. I am not the least bit envious, it’s just these cheap rings that are causing my skin to turn green. It will go away shortly. I’m sure of it.

  • Mr Pudding 29th December 2011

    Congratulations Ian! The Laughing Horse Award is the most prestigious blogging award in the world. Whoever selected you this year was clearly blessed with incredible wisdom and taste. Well done!


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