A Sad Solution

One of the things I like about blogging is it’s a great place to complain about the mundane. Life’s little irritants I call them.

Back in October, it was our new radio alarm clock. Despite its relatively high price tag, it wasn’t much good at its job.

That’s it on the left. It looks quite stylish with its mirrored finish through which the digital clock digits shine, but that is about as good as it gets.

It is an analogue radio with a basic tuning dial that is hard to get just right and easy to knock off station. But the worst thing is the volume which isn’t very loud even when turned up to the max.

That last point is quite important in an alarm clock. Either it fails to wake me at all and when it does, I’m likely to doze off again because the volume just isn’t insistent enough.

Christmas seemed like an opportunity to cut my losses with another new radio alarm which I wrapped as a present for Mrs P, although in truth it was for both of us.

It was £5 cheaper than the Philips, but gets great reception because it has a DAB radio. For the same reason, tuning stations isn’t a problem as it does it automatically, as well as setting the time.

More to the point, it’s loud enough to wake me even on three-quarters of its maximum volume setting.

But like everything, it has a major drawback. The numbers on the clock are quite small and not particularly bright so I can’t read them with or without my glasses.

And that’s where the sad solution comes in. We now have the DAB radio by the bedside and the old one on the other side of the room. In other words, one that is loud enough to hear and the other that shows the time big and bright enough to read.

Is this yet another sign of the ageing process?

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  • Roger Green 30th December 2011

    No, it’s a function of making us buy more stuff, because the first item doesn’t do all you want to do, such as mundane stuff as telling time. Function over form, for me!

  • Elizabeth 30th December 2011

    You took back the present you intended for Mrs P? Presuming you don’t live in different houses and presuming Mrs P has better eyesight than you, give her the new clock back and then when she wakes up by it, ask her what time it is. Sorted. And next time buy her something nice!! x

  • Jennyta 30th December 2011

    “Is this yet another sign of the ageing process?” Took the words right out of my mouth, SP. 😉

  • john 31st December 2011

    Is this yet another sign of the ageing process?

    THAT IT IS, YOU OLD FART!!! that it is!
    happy new year SP


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