Do the Hokey Pokey

I must be feeling extremely content because not a thing has occurred to me that I felt I must post about. Not one.

Perhaps it’s just that I have finally unwound over the Christmas holiday, but more likely it’s because I’ve been immersed in the world of Skyrim.

I can freely admit this because Mr Pudding isn’t around to admonish me for my fondness for computer games, as long as I don’t have to remember too many buttons to press.

But I won’t bore you with Skyrim when what I really want to point you to some great music I heard on the  traditional New Year’s Eve Hootenanny on the BBC.

I’m talking about Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three who I for one hadn’t heard of before. If you haven’t either, they’re from St Louis and play a mix of early jazz, string ragtime and country blues and western.

And not only does Pokey dress in an old-fashioned style, I think he also has an old-fashioned face.

Anyway, here they are singing La La Blues. Enjoy.

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  • Trevor Rowley 2nd January 2012

    So old fashioned, Mr P, that they look and sound like their grandfathers might have done (or perhaps even great grandfathers). There was a time when show business in the UK was dominated by aggressive rock and rollers that daughters were encouraged to have nothing to do with. Before the arrival of the ever so likeable Beatles (come along everybody, you all know the words to “Hey Jude” so sing along please), the likes of Billy Fury oozed menacing sexuality which sold hundreds of thousands of records in the UK alone. The USA had thrown the likes of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and that delightful reprobate, Gerry Lee Lewis (without even mentioning a certain Mr Presley) at us and we lapped it up. These artists could “perform”, they had a vital stage presence and that was even before they had started to sing the words. What are we left with nowadays? Sadly folks, it’s a combination of Michael Buble, somebody Morrison and silly Jools Holland with the occasional boy band thrown in for a bit of novelty. Legends? No, it’ll never happen. Pardon me, boys and girls, while I make for the exit.

  • Elizabeth 2nd January 2012

    Thank you, Ian, for this. I’ve never heard of them before, but enjoyed this very much and listened to some of the other videos.

    I’ve often been struck by how faces look so differently according to eras that they belong to. You’re right, he does have an old fashioned face to fit his old fashioned clothes…odd, isn’t it? x

  • Cindy 2nd January 2012

    Such a nice song! I love this kind of music. And I really like the sound of the harp. I wish I could play it:) thanks for sharing the vid, I have never heard of this band before.

  • rhymeswithplague 3rd January 2012

    This is a cross between old-time hillbilly (without the twang) and the kind of unusual stuff that Garrison Keillor has all the time on A Prairie Home Companion. I hope they achieve huge success and don’t let it go to their heads.


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