Gridding His Loins

Jack the Giant TerrierOur dog, Jack, is around 13 years old which means he’s getting on a bit. The trouble is, he doesn’t know it, despite his eyesight not being quite what it was.

It was such a lovely day yesterday that Mrs P took him out for a walk, from Broadbottom up to Coombes Edge where you get an impressive 360° views across the Cheshire and Derbyshire landscape.

They stopped for coffee and cake as they usually do and Jack wandered off for a sniff around. There was a road nearby, but that didn’t worry them too much as he has good road sense, that is he has the sense to avoid roads.

They heard a car passing, followed by the sound of Jack screaming. Mrs P feared the worst and dashed for the gap in the wall and nearly fell over the dog.

He hadn’t been hit by the car, but had somehow managed to lose the whole of his left back leg through a roadside grid and was well and truly stuck.

Jack continued screaming and I use the word advisedly. He doesn’t yelp or whimper — he screams.

The problem is, he screams at the slightest provocation. When you clean his feet when he’s been in garden or if you try to budge him off his blanket on the sofa. You’d think he was mortally wounded.

Being the dog who cried wolf, Mrs P wasn’t overly concerned about his predicament and was able to lift his back end clear while her friend kept the front end quiet.

He was none the worse for his ordeal, although it could have been much worse. I suspect that he was too busy being a drama queen to do himself serious damage and he certainly made the most of the fussing from his two favourite women that ensued.

On an entirely separate note, after posting about Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three yesterday, their appearance on Hootenanny is now on YouTube and here is their first number, Drinkin’ Whiskey Tonight:


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  • Jennyta 3rd January 2012

    Glad he managed to escape without too much damage to his pride! 😉

  • Elizabeth 3rd January 2012

    Thank goodness Jack was ok. That must have been a heart-stopping few seconds for Mrs P. x

  • Katherine 3rd January 2012

    I once had a pig that over-reacted to everything. When we put a ring through its nose (so it could be an outside pig and happier in the long run) the squeals were almost ear-splitting!
    I’m glad Jack hadn’t literally ‘lost’ his leg, as I thought on first reading.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 5th January 2012

    I bet that made Mrs P’s blood run cold!! I’m so glad he was OK.

    Our greyhounds scream. We call it the Greyhound Scream of Death (GSOD for short) and it’s well known that they can be wimps about pain, but the odd thing is that when they’re truly injured, they often don’t make a sound. Though Ranger did, the time he sliced himself open in three places running into a brick wall. It’s not a nice sound, is it?

    I imagine little Jack is losing flexibility and perhaps that combined with his failing eyesight is what did it. Mrs P might have to keep a tighter rein on the old guy!

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 5th January 2012

    Love the title, by the way!

  • Mr Parrot 5th January 2012

    Thanks Jay. I couldn’t let a play on words like that pass me by! It’s only a pity that he isn’t a lion.


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