Y is for Yachts and Yellowwood

Can I complete the whole of Round 9 of ABC Wednesday based on our four week stay in South Africa in February? Click on the photos to enlarge.

Yachts in Knysna MarinaYachts are always helpful to illustrate the letter Y, as any author of ABC books for children will tell you.

I took this photo of yachts at Knysna Quays Waterfront during a stop off on our Garden Route trip along the south coast of Africa.

The town was once quite isolated but is now a popular tourist and retirement resort because of its clement climate.

Knysna Yacht Club was founded in 1910 and sailors passing through the Heads have a safe navigable lagoon in which to moor their yachts while visiting Knysna and the surrounding region.

Yellowwood TreeMy second Y is the Yellowwood, the national tree of South Africa. The photo on the right isn’t one of mine, but copyright © 123RF Stock Photos, although it was taken in Knysna Forest.

Podocarpus latifolius, to give the yellowwood its Sunday name, is an evergreen and grows up to 100 feet high.

They grew abundantly in South Africa but were so valued for their timber that they almost became extinct, and they are now protected.

There are male and female trees, the male producing cones that resemble catkins for wind pollination, while the female develops seeds on thickened, fleshy, stalks.

We found ourselves up close and personal with the yellowwood during our stay in South Africa, but more about that next week.

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  • Roger Green 4th January 2012

    So what’s next week? Zulu? Zebra? I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find SOMETHING to complete the mission!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Denise 4th January 2012

    Yachts eh? What a good choice! lol!
    Denise ABC team

  • Oakland Daily Photo 4th January 2012

    I’m excited for you. There’s no doubt you’ll meet your goal. Never heard the expression “Sunday name” before. We used to call big words “25¢ words.” With inflation I guess we’d now have to up the amount.

  • Francisca 4th January 2012

    Yay! One more to go and Z should be an easy one for you. Yachts is a good one (I struggled for Y) and Yellowwood even better for this SA trip through the ABCs. So why did you not get your own shot of the tree? (I understand that giving credit without explicit permission doesn’t really protect you from IPR infringement raps… worth checking that.)

  • Shooting Parrots 4th January 2012

    Yes, I’m nearly there. I didn’t get my own photo of the Yellowwood for reasons that will become obvious next week.

  • Meryl 4th January 2012

    I look forward to reading more about South Africa and the Yellowwood. Great shots!

  • Helen Mac 4th January 2012

    Yellowwood is a Wednesday kind of name…..
    ABC Team


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