Going Dark

I went on strike yesterday in support of the poor and downtrodden that is Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales.

Not that I expect that anyone noticed, least of all the present and/or future incumbent of the White House, but it’s the thought that counts.

You might think it a bit pointless, given that I’m not a US voter. Why should anyone care what I think? But it matters to me.

It’s not that I condone web piracy and breaching copyright, but it does worry me that governments are more and more trying to control the web. We’ve seen it in China, the Middle East and elsewhere and now the western democracies are taking a leaf out of the book of digital despotism.

And we’ve seen how the US is attempting to extradite UK citizens for alleged copyright infringement for simply publishing links to ‘free’ tv sites. This isn’t illegal in this country and the proposed legislation simply makes it more likely that the US will attempt to impose its laws on sister democracies.

So bloggers of the world unite − you have nothing to lose but a few visitors.

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  • Roger Green 19th January 2012

    It’s possible, if you were using a USA vendor, that American actions COULD affect you. It’s an overbroad, overly vague overreach.

  • Elizabeth 19th January 2012

    I agree with you, Ian. We have a government that is all too ready to catch onto the shirt tails of Uncle Sam’s governance in an issue like this and, in a climate where such strategies as the Interception Modernisation Programme have already been muted, it could soon become a very real threat to our own civil liberties as well as those of our fellow bloggers across the water.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 23rd January 2012

    Seems to have worked – they’ve ditched it! Yay!


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