Please Be Offended

Isn’t life dull at the moment? You can tell that there isn’t much of interest going on when the Telegraph headlines complaints about a Jay Leno joke.

I think that an online petition of 2,000 names out of the 15 million Sikhs in India amounts to little more than a storm in a cup of Darjeeling, but make up your own mind.

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  • john 23rd January 2012

    people get on my tits

  • rhymeswithplague 23rd January 2012

    But what if the Golden Temple is a summer home for Mitt Romney?

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 23rd January 2012

    Well, I can see how Sikhs might be offended, but really, is it worth an international incident?

    People make jokes like this all the time, though not perhaps in as public a fashion as Jay Leno. Bottom line is that we’ve forgotten how to take a joke, and people are so easily offended these days about anything and everything. Let’s face it, it’s what Political Correctness is based on.

  • aditta 4th February 2012

    I love the information and comments about this topic. It is a shame more people don’t embarrass the parts that are right regarding this topic. I will be back to see how this conversation string progresses.


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