All Right Jack

I can’t think of a thing to write about at the moment, not that that has stopped me before, so I thought I’d simply publish this photo of our dog Jack.

It’s one I took at Christmas as he chomped his way through one of his treats. The reason it has surfaced again now is because Mrs P wanted the photo to share with friends in the US.

It’s one of those dog-owner things.

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  • john 9th February 2012

    as a saddo dog owner
    I thank you

  • Owl Wood 9th February 2012

    Great looking hound! More pictures please!

  • Mr Woodhouse-Pudding 9th February 2012

    Aw! What a cute little doggy! (switch to high-pitched voice) – WALKIES!
    They often say that dogs look like their owners and this picture adds weight to that theory!

  • Jennyta 9th February 2012

    What a sweetie! (Please refer to Yorkshire Pudding’s comment.) 😉

  • Roger Green 10th February 2012

    Hey, you could have done D is for Dog.

  • Katherine 11th February 2012

    Jack seems very well-behaved – eating (his chocolate bone?) on a piece of paper. If that had been our Shelly, the teeth would be bared and the nose wrinkled to warn the very close camera not to steal her treat.


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