Making Both Ends Meat?

The power of words is never more apparent than when someone is trying to make you worry about your health, whether it is justified or not.

I was listening to an interview on Radio Five Live this morning about the scientists in Holland who are growing meat in the laboratory from stem cells and hope to cook their first quarter-pounder using it by October.

The person on the pro side of the debate, it is described as ‘cultured meat’ and ‘ethical meat’ while the bloke from the Vegetarian Society insisted on calling it ‘velcro meat’. (Because the fastening material is used to simulate exercise.)

I assume this was deliberate since ‘velcro’ sounds much less appealing than meat that is ‘cultured’ or ‘ethical’. At least it isn’t being called Frankenstein meat, not yet anyway.

Meanwhile, on the subject of artificial muscle, did anyone else find the outrage over post-bout brawl between boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora quite funny? It reminded me of President Merkin Muffley in Dr Strangelove: ‘Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.’

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  • Julie 20th February 2012

    Interesting article, I’ve always scared by the news about grown meat. It sound so horrible to me! Meat is one of the last things which comes from the nature…I feel sceptic about producing meat in a factory with chemicals.

  • Blumenthal Ali Pudding 21st February 2012

    I have always liked my food to be cultured. After all, what could be more cultured than a nice Yorkshire Pudding? Regarding the wealthy black boxers’ German tiff, what the hell do they think they were doing trying to punch the hell out of one another? That’s not what boxing’s about! Errr…


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