Man Flu

One of my pet hates is ‘man flu’, the blokes who take to their bed when they get a simple cold.

You know the type. Groaning loudly every time they move as though their joints are on fire and drinking cups of steaming Lemsip every five minutes to demonstrate just how poorly they are.

Then there is the honking nose blowing and the weak smile of thanks when their long-suffering wives hand them a bowl of chicken soup that say it is appreciated, even if it is probably the last meal they will eat before they finally succumb.

And the reason I hate it is because it queers the pitch for men like me when we really are ill, like I am now.

I’ve been sneezing and spluttering for the last two days and Mrs P doesn’t understand how poorly I am thanks to those man flu wasters. I suppose I shall just have to suffer in silence.

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  • Owl Wood 9th March 2012

    There. There, there.

    There, that should have made you feel better.

  • john 9th March 2012

    I was going to leave a long , detailed and witty comment…
    but I don’t feel very well…………………………

  • Mirana 9th March 2012

    I really hope you’ll get well soon..

  • Dr Pudding 9th March 2012

    This “man flu” thing is a load of tosh. I have never met any man who has whinged about minor illnesses. Perhaps that’s because I’m from Yorkshire where blokes just get on with life instead of complaining about this and that. I hope you’re feeling better soon. By the way, thanks for including the picture of yourself – far more handsome than I had imagined.

  • Elizabeth 9th March 2012

    Oh for goodness sake, man; merely a small dose of Psittacosis, surely? Take a good sniff of Olbas Oil and down a hot milk with brandy. You’ll be right as rain and we’ll expect you back at your blogging desk in the morning.

    By the way, I was going to make a comment about the suave, sophisticated image that Mrs P has taken of you, but the great physician beat me to it. You handsome hunk, you.


  • Roger Green 9th March 2012

    I feel for you. My wife knows when I call in sick, I must be REALLY sick.

  • Jennyta 9th March 2012

    Yes, a great photo, SP. You’d better get better soon or you won’t be able to accompany Mrs P to Anglesey. 🙂

  • Elizabeth 10th March 2012

    If you’re not any better by Monday, I’ll pop over the Pennines and rub some Vick on your chest – that’ll do the trick. x


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