We’re Going to a Dance

We’re hoping to visit friends who live in Las Vegas in late spring or early summer and have been exchanging emails about what we might do while we’re there.

Apart from the usual Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam visits, we had been thinking about a road trip to Los Angeles, through the Mojave Desert, and then heading south to San Diego and possibly across the border to Mexico.

The reply from Marj put a ‘tick tick vg’ against all our ideas, except the trip to Mexico, to which Ant had added his own thought as follows:

That sounds great would be wonderful to see you. Melges right about mexico in the only place you could go these are the mexico legal right to you on a noise of those tickets on space is you have to to go in the butt look at the place drive resistance is a test riley if you like I’m so annoyed favorite places the lot of camping this about this place we go to lunch with the heights.

We were quite worried about this. The last time we saw Ant, he had been diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s and we wondered whether this accounted for his strange message. Or was it the medication? Or mescaline? Or both?

Fortunately we were wrong on all counts. Being a computer whiz, Ant has got himself some voice recognition software to test in anticipation of future limitations, but it is clearly struggling with his English accent. And even he doesn’t know what he was talking about!

The Chinese whispers of technology, eh? ‘Send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance’. (Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance)

So now we need to get down to some serious trip planning.

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  • Roger Green 10th March 2012

    The only place I’ve been to on your itinerary is San Diego. I must say that the light rail has made it a very travelable place so that one could park the car. Also, the rail goes all the way to the Mexican border. Back in 2002, I walked into Tijuana; don’t know how easy/difficult, or safe, that would be now.

  • Elizabeth 10th March 2012

    Well, at least you should be past contagion stage by then.

    (My two eldest boys are travelling from San Diego to Tijuana next week, so I hope it is safe…) x

  • Mr Parrot 10th March 2012

    Thanks Roger. I quite like the sound of San Diego, particularly if we can park out of town and use public transport.

    As for Mexico, I had the same idea of visiting Tijuana. I wonder just dangerous that could be!

  • rhymeswithplague 10th March 2012

    I have something in common with Roger, sort of. Back in 1981, I walked into Matamoros from Brownsville, Texas. Had to cross the Rio Grande on a very short bridge. Bought some souvenirs, and walked back to tell the tale.

  • Trip Advisor Pudding 10th March 2012

    Consider driving over to The Central Valley then taking a right for the Sequoia National Park. Those trees are breathtaking. Another “must see” is The Getty Museum in NW Los Angeles. Plus Santa Monica – the very end of Route 66. Maybe work out with the guys at nearby Muscle Beach?


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