Beware Friendly Homosexuals

A Friendly HomosexualI was only saying the other day that religion should play no part in politics (and vice versa) when along comes that video of the Rev Dennis Terry rant before he introduced would-be US President Rick Santorum.

Makes you despair doesn’t it? Watching US comedies and tv dramas, you’d think that as a country they have developed a more open-minded view of the world, but not so apparently.

By coincidence, I was researching public service announcements from the 1960s ahead of the tour we’re hoping to take of the nuclear test sites north of Las Vegas.

In the process, I came across the one below that gave me the title for this post. I found it bizarre and laughable in equal measure, but thought that that was then and this is now.

Listening to Dennis Terry, 1960s America may be alive and kicking yet.

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  • john 20th March 2012

    I’m friendly!
    so beware….. be VERY aware!!!!

  • Owl Wood 20th March 2012

    The irony is that I believe that people should be free to practise whatever religion they want – in the privacy of their own homes, behind closed doors, and only behind their own closed doors. Religion is a choice, a lifestyle, it’s not genetic and it CAN be cured. It is often the result of some failure or weakness in the parents, a mother who perhaps likes choral music or an overbearing father who is himself a latent or frustrated theist. Occasionally a sibling may introduce another, possibly younger sibling into a pre-existing circle of raging theists whereupon the innocent party may feel pressured to conform to this new theist activity, even against their wishes. Civic tolerance does not and should not include tolerating religious intolerance. Young people need to be protected from friendly theists. Theists should never, never be allowed into positions of trust or authority because theists really do tend to prey on the young and the vulnerable, and that is why some sort of control is necessary. If we all succumbed to the attractive temptations of living our lives as some perhaps did two thousand years ago then the human race would likely die out, with no-one to take next generations into the future because you see, Johnny, the theist thinks only of their own selfish salvation on their “heavenly plain”, and cares not for progress, practicality, reality and the future. I personally would not serve in the armed forces next to a theist, and I wouldn’t trust my barber if he were openly theist (see under ‘Amish’ for details). Hallelujah, Amen, thank God I’m … atheist.

  • Applauding Pudding 20th March 2012

    Seems to me that a nuclear weapon must have struck the middle of your text as the syntax has been blown to smithereens! Regarding the information film, I shall certainly heed its advice and hope you will be on your guard in Las Vegas – especially in men’s restrooms where those “mentally ill” fellows often lurk hoping to entrap cute, lithe and polite English chaps like yourself. Of course they didn’t bother me.

  • Trevor Rowley 20th March 2012

    They’re a strange lot the atheists, aren’t they? They don’t seem to believe in anything at all yet seem to want to spend a not insignificant amount of time trying to convince the world that believing in nothing is a worthwhile exercise. It’s a bit like that sweet young man who pops up at your door from time to time and you just know he wants to sell you some double glazing – although, in the case of the atheist salesman, he unfortunately doesn’t have anything at all to sell.

    Furthermore, they don’t seem to want others to have any fun with what they believe in. It’s a bit like that annoying brat of a child at the birthday party who insists on going round with a drawing pin (thumb tack in the colonies?) popping all the balloons then proceeding to pee in the trifle.

  • Atheist Pudding 20th March 2012

    Dear Trevor Rowley,
    Can we take it that you are a happy clappy Christian then? Sorry mate, there is no God – if you can’t see it you’re fooling yourself. Unlike my fellow atheist – Owl Wood, I don’t seem to fit your stereotype. What’s that bollix about now wanting others to have fun? Pure tosh!
    Best wishes,
    Atheist Pudding

  • Mr Parrot 21st March 2012

    I don’t know. Here I am making a point about American politics and you lot go off on a theological tangent. The two don’t mix, although I must admit that the the Biblical burning Bush might have had a place in recent times.

    When it comes to politics, I prefer secularism to atheism, even if they are often one and the same thing.

    And yes YP, I did manage to leave in a paragraph that was meant to come out. It must have been someone moving in a mysterious way.

  • Owl Wood 21st March 2012

    Sheesh! Did reading and noticing the exquisite parallels between what theists generally rant about homosexuallers and the actual behaviour or most thesisters just fly out of the window? Irony, irony, it’s all gone quite rusty.

    Trevor – you’re not serious, are you? It’s early in my morning series of coffees, I may be missing a lot…

  • markincorsicana 23rd March 2012

    Is the difference between homosexual and pedophile the same as the difference between christian and evilgelical?


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