Democratic Deficit

DemocracyIt’s been a long time since I failed to vote in either a national or local election, but it looks as if there will be a first time come May when we’ll be away.

I thought we might be able to manage to get a postal vote, but these won’t be sent out until after we’ve left. The only other option is a proxy vote and relying on the kids to remember to go to the polling booth.

As we’ve seen elsewhere in the world, democracy can be a delicate thing and is easily broken, especially if we take it for granted, so not voting is something I regret.

But it has set me thinking. Lots of us bloggers have signed up for a new life in Blogland, off the coast of Thailand Burma and yet I’ve no idea what form of government Mr Pudding has lined up for us.

The Thais Burmese government have enjoyed a parliamentary democratic system since 1932 is controlled by the military, but who is to say that the same will apply in our new home? It might be a dictatorship or military junta waiting for us.

This is something to raise with Yorkshire Pudding.

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  • Pioneer Pudding 2nd April 2012

    You need to pay more attention sir. Blogland used to belong to Myanmar (Burma). We’re only flying into Phuket as it is the closest international airport to our destination. With regard to governance, the population will be so small (until we multiply!) that any issues will easily be worked out over cocktails at the social club. How we rule ourselves is a process that will develop naturally when we have time away from sunbathing, snorkelling, octopus fishing, blogging, dancing, karaoke, beach wrestling, getting to know our countrymen (and countrywomen), eating, drinking Tetley’s bitter and tropical cocktails, parrot hunting in the forest, cricket, reading, writing, creating pieces of artwork, growing vegetables, helping Earl Gray with his menagerie, swimming and sleeping etc..

  • High Roller Parrot 2nd April 2012

    Parrot hunting?!

  • Heston Worrall-Pudding 2nd April 2012

    Yes of course. There’s nowt better than plump parrots from the barbie.

  • Mr Parrot 2nd April 2012

    Shh! I haven’t told Mrs P that I’m bringing Barbie!

  • Jennyta 2nd April 2012

    I hope YP is not relying on me to ‘multiply’. My multiplying days are well and truly over. 😉

  • Helen 2nd April 2012

    Hope Blogland doesn’t turn out to be a bit like “Lord of the Flies” !

  • Mr Parrot 2nd April 2012

    I agree Jenny. When I think of ‘multiply’ these days, it’s more to do with soft toilet rolls.

    And as for the Lord of the Flies, Helen, I think we need to check that YP hasn’t been watching The Hunger Games.

  • Piggy Pudding 2nd April 2012

    I can assure my nervous fellow founders of the new Blogland nation that we will not fall into the same traps that greeted Jack, Ralph and the other lads in “Lord of the Flies”. After all, we are mature adults, we are sponsored and we can have as much contact with the outside worlds as we wish…And Jenny – if you don’t want to multiply perhaps you could simply conjugate instead.

  • Jennyta 3rd April 2012

    Conjugating sounds good, PP – in Welsh?


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