Peak Performance

The Strip from Exploration Peak

The Strip from Exploration Peak

Careless talk costs lives as they say, or at least it did during WWII. These days it tends to lead to rude awakenings.

Last night we were at the neighbour’s house for ‘happy hour’ – a pretty loose description since it lasted from 5:30 to 9pm and beyond. From their deck we could see the illuminated Exploration Peak in the distance and Mrs P happened to mention that she’d like to climb it and before we knew it, arrangements had been made.

We pulled ourselves out of bed at 5am at to grab a slurp of coffee before jumping into Bob’s Lincoln Town Car so the four of us (plus Smarty the dog) could drive over there in time to see the sunrise.

Which we did after climbing the path upwards for four or five hundred feet. The photo above shows the view of the Strip to the east, while below is looking west towards the mountains and another of the housing developments that make Las Vegas the fastest growing  city in the US.

From Exploration Peak

From Exploration Peak

The day before we had a drive out through Red Rock, stopping off at Cactus Joe’s which is a sort of garden centre. For people who like to grow cactus.

Cactus Joe's

We had hoped to meet Lindsay Loham, the petting pig, but she has moved on to some local porcine commune.

Sideways Sammy was also missing. He’s the dog with neural damage that means he can only walk sideways, but his disability doesn’t mean he’s stupid enough to stay out in the sun as we were.

It was a good spot for photos though, like the skull above that instantly brought back memories of the Popeye cartoons – ‘You’ll be sor-ree!’

The are more photos on my Flickr page.

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  • john 19th April 2012

    I have been to the states many times but never really fancied las Vagas.. the photos look impressive though

  • Tropical Pudding 19th April 2012

    “THRU THESE GATES WALK THE GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD” So how come they let you into Cactus Joe’s?

  • Roger Green 19th April 2012

    I’ve never been to LV, actually. Interesting seeing it from your POV.

  • Mr Parrot 19th April 2012

    Lots of people I know like Vegas for the casinos and the shows, but so far all we’ve seen of the Strip is from the airplane after we landed and from Exploration Peak. Beyond the city limits are far more interesting things to see!

    And as for the ‘greatest people in the world’ sign, that’s anyone with dollars or a credit card which just about includes us.


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