Don’t Fence Me In

You'll be sor-ree

You’ll be sor-ree

We finally got round to making plans for where we want to go while we’re in the US, or rather we got round to ripping them up.

Our original intention was to hire a car and drive over to Los Angeles to take in some sights there before heading south along the coast road to San Diego where the big attraction was the zoo.

But as we discussed it last night and pored over the maps, it began to look less appealing. The main problem was that we would be effectively driving into a blind alley with a long drive and not much to see on the way back to Vegas.

So we started looking in other directions and have decided to head northeast to Utah instead and Bryce Canyon National Park.

So in an instant, we’ve put the bright lights of the city behind us and set a course for the wide-open spaces of the American west which put me in mind of the song Don’t Fence Me In.

I could have given you the versions by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, Roy Rogers and Trigger, Ella Fitzgerald or Willie Nelson, but I much prefer this one by David Byrne.

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  • TripAdvisor Pudding 20th April 2012

    You could have done it all. The long straight journey from Vegas to LA is not very onerous and you would have seen the joshua trees too. Maybe you could have taken a detour to Boron. However, you’re going the other way so enjoy! I hope you’ll gather lots of great memories and tell us what you have encountered in your award-winning blog. Watch out for the red indians (Oops! I mean Native Americans!)

  • Roger Green 20th April 2012

    Always loved that Byrne version, from the very first Red, Hot + Blue album:

  • Katherine 21st April 2012

    What an amazing version. Weird! And WONDERFUL! All the best for your planning.

  • Francisca 27th June 2012

    I’ve been listening to more of Carmel on YouTube when I thought I’d check to see if you had any other gems to share that I hadn’t heard of. Clicked on your Music tag and this is where I landed… LOL! No, I don’t like to be fenced in either. Hope you were smitten by Bryce Canyon as much as I was many moons ago.

  • Mr Parrot 28th June 2012

    Bryce Canyon was fantastic, even if the weather wasn’t perfect. At least I now have my Bryce Canyon jacket bought in case the threatened rain arrived. (It didn’t)

    Here’s the post.


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