Have A Nice Day

Nice DayWhen coming to the US, we were more a less prepared to be told to ‘have a nice day’ at every turn and so it has proved to be, but not in the cosmetic, corporate customer training way we expected.

People do appear to be genuinely interested in you as well as your money.

The weather has been getting increasingly over the last few days and sticking close to the pool the best option, but I had a trip to yet another store with our host today to stock up some essential supplies.

The store is Vons (which I think is Safeway though you have to wonder why they thought the name Vons might be more appealing)

‘Can you find what you want?’ was the obvious commercially motivated question, but that done they slipped into genuinely interested conversations, especially about our English accents.

They weren’t fazed even when the two middle-aged men explained that we English are quietly infiltrating the country and one day we’ll get it back and throw you lot out.

I also confirmed that we were indeed the first advance of the elite counter-revolutionary guard and the girl smiled sweetly while looking over our shoulders expecting our nurse to arrive at any moment.

Perhaps Nevadans are just friendlier than other Americans (they seem to think so) but people do genuinely appear pleased to see you. Even when they aren’t.

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  • rhymeswithplague 22nd April 2012

    My theory, which has been more or less proved, is that when there are only a few people in an area, they are happy to encounter others of their species. Nevada, except for a few places like Las Vegas and Reno and Elko and Lake Tahoe and the capital, Carson City, is almost EMPTY and therefore people are happy to see others of the same species. In places where many people have to fit in a relatively small area (think New York, Los Angeles, London, etc.), the opposite is often true. Not always, but often.

    The U.K. is about the size of Alabama, which has four million people. ‘Nuff said.

  • Nitpicking Pudding 22nd April 2012

    “The weather has been getting increasingly…. over the last few days” Increasingly what? Unpredictable? Torpid? Miserable?
    Re. jokes about being in the vanguard of an English invasion force. Not advisable old chum! Ever heard of Guantanamo Bay?
    Re. “Have a nice day” – must make a nice change from 2for1 pubs and Toby Carveries around Manchester where it’s “Have a shit day and piss off so some other swine can scoff at this trough!”

  • rhymeswithplague 22nd April 2012

    I rest my case.

  • Mr Parrot 22nd April 2012

    You might well both be right. Big cities aren’t conducive to small talk, especially as most of the people in them tend to regard social contact as an obstacle that only gets in the way. Perhaps we should have visited Wyoming.

    YP you have a very jaundiced view of our homeland. I know it’s born of the envy you Yorkshire folk have for us lucky enough to live in Lancashire, but you shouldn’t let your prejudices show.

    And the weather is increasingly, and increasingly so. Which reminds me, it’s time for a dip in the pool.


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