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Desert Flowers

Desert Flowers

Aren’t credit card companies wonderful at saving you from yourself? I finally got round to booking hotel rooms for our trip to Utah when Master Card intervened.

The first booking at Panguitch went through without a problem, but the problems started when I tried to book rooms in Springdale and the websites kept refusing to authorise payment.

It took a while before the penny dropped. Credit card security had seen the first ‘suspicious’ transaction and put a block on the card.

Joshua TreeMrs P says it’s our own fault for not letting them know that we would be out of the country, but since when did we need their permission to travel? Plus it seemed an over-reaction for $158, so cue a rant from me on the hopelessness of all at Master Card.

But other than that, it has been a very pleasant day. The mercury has been above 90ºF for most of the day and the desert wind felt fresh from the furnace.

Bernie's PoolWe were up early for our regular stroll around the local area and then we were joined by a good friend of our hosts on the short trip to Red Rock Canyon.

It has a barren beauty of its own, as symbolised by the Joshua Tree above. Our destination was the small waterfall and rock pool where our hosts’ dog is buried nearby.

We should probably have had the place to ourselves, but being Sunday, there were plenty of other walkers, including a group of teenagers, four girls and three boys, who broke the stillness with lots of noise and mucking about in the water.

We left as two of the boys decided to try jumping into the pool from the waterfall ledge. It would have been a waste of our pay-as-you-go phone to call 911.

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  • St George's Day Pudding 23rd April 2012

    Yes you do have to let card companies know about your travelling plans. I first encountered this problem in Hong Kong and later I complained to the smile internet bank that the requirement should be advertised loud and clear on their website. Why should I have had to discover it by being rejected at various cash machines? Of course your card may have been rejected because the CIA/FBI have begun a file on your terrorist activities since you threatened a British invasion.

  • rhymeswithplague 23rd April 2012

    I hope you get your credit card troubles all straightened out. Otherwise you and the missus may have to go on the public dole. You can do it here, you know, without being a citizen. You could even be in the country illegally and we’d still probably shower you with the green stuff and say, “Here, now, is there anything else we can do for you?”

  • Francisca 30th April 2012

    Use PayPal.

  • Mr Parrot 1st May 2012

    I would have used PayPal, my normal method of online payment, but this wasn’t an option. It was credit card or nothing and I’m not quite sure why.


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