A Surfeit of Wonderment

Bryce Canyon

Our decision to visit southern Utah instead of southern California has proved to be fortuitous, not least because the west coast has had late Spring thunderstorms since Tuesday, so we could have been wandering round Los Angeles in the rain.

Bryce CanyonAnd neither would we have discovered the delights of Utah and Bryce Canyon National Park which we hadn’t even considered in our planning back home.

Our third piece of fortune was that unbeknownst to us it was National Parks Week which meant free entry, saving us the usual $25 entrance fee which delighted Marj who loves a bargain.

I figured that if we could visit another 49 parks by the end of the week, we would have covered our air fare to the US.

Bryce CanyonBut returning to Bryce Canyon, it is hard to put into either words or photos what a stunning place it is. Starting at its 9,115 foot high peak, it offers one wondrous sight after another – a surfeit of wonderment Mrs P called it.

Looking out across the vast expanse of land laid out before you framed by the rugged beauty of the ‘hoodoos’, you start to get an inkling of just how large this country is and the bravery of the men and women who first tried to tame the land.

It is truly indescribable, so I shan’t even try other than to say that a visit is highly recommended should you ever pass this way.

As ever there are more photos on my Flickr page.

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  • Jealous Pudding 27th April 2012

    Awesome pictures dude but no substitute for actually being there. Are you sure you were still on Planet Earth?

  • Roger Green 27th April 2012

    You just can’t beat serendipity.

  • Miss P 27th April 2012

    I knew it was National Parks Week because National Geographic have launched a new National Parks app especially for the occasion!
    Another excuse to get and iPad!
    I would have let you know but you never responded to my last email and so I had assumed you’d dropped off the face of the earth into a land of wonder and amazement. By the look of these photos it would seem I was right.

  • Mr Parrot 27th April 2012

    That would have been useful to know about three days ago! But never mind – we have the Grand Canyon to go yet, assuming I can lay my hands on an iPad. I’d almost convinced myself to opt for a Kindle Fire instead.

  • Francisca 30th April 2012

    One of my favorite places on earth! Bryce Canyon. All the Utah parks are wonder-FULL! (In contrast, I dislike LA immensely, bt go there for family. And I”ll never choose to go to Las Vegas again.)


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