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PrudenceWe had two unexpected visitors drop by yesterday in the shape of a pair of Mallard Ducks.

We were sitting on the patio when the two of them swooped towards the pool. Fortunately they spotted that the inviting blue water was actually the pool cover and activated their air brakes just in time.

The male wheeled off and headed over the wall into the neighbouring garden, but the female landed gracefully on the lawn and began waddling around.

Prudence in the entry poolShe inspected the pool cover suspiciously, then flopped down on its bubblewrap-like surface and made her way to the small area of water still showing in the shallow entry pool where she paddled quite happily.

Refreshed from her dip, she then got out and went on an inspection tour of the garden. She seemed a little nervous of us, but not too much as she walked round the pool to inspect the uncovered spa pool.

Prudence after the spa poolThis appeared to meet with her approval as a more pond-like attraction and she hopped in for a swim in the dappled shade of the palm trees.

By now she was making herself at home, dipping her head in the water and then jumping out to preen her feathers in the sunshine.

Her toilet completed to her satisfaction, she then wandered off onto the other lawn where she seemed to settle down for a nap. In fact, she was laying an egg.

Prudence's EggThat’s it on the right, lying in the grass. No nest, no preparation and no wonder she needed to land in a hurry.

Her maternal duty done, she then set about inspecting her new home, not minding a bit that she had an audience of four.

Ant did some Google research and found out that she is likely to lay between six and twelve eggs over the next week or so and she wouldn’t start incubating them until they are all laid.

Since she seemed to have made the garden her nursery, we decided that she need a name and eventually plumped for Prudence.

She had a good tour of the garden and especially liked the shade of one of the palms where she could  dig around for grubs and insects to her hearts content.

After a couple of hours, she appeared quite content and I think Ant was looking forward to the idea of helping to teach a clutch of ducklings to swim in the pool, but it may not happen.

Prudence about to leavePrudence had joined us on the patio, even looking like she’d like to come into the house, when she hopped down the steps, cocked her head as if listening for something, then took off without warning.

She headed east and was soon just a speck in the distance. She might return to her egg,, of course, but there has been no sign of her since.

I suppose we’ll give her the rest of today and if she doesn’t reappear, we can always Google how long you should boil a duck egg for.

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  • Donald Pudding 6th May 2012

    I certainly do not recall Elvis singing about ducks in “Viva Las Vegas”. Bloody hell, if you wanted a duck watching holiday you could have just gone to Chorlton Water Park!

  • Roger Green 6th May 2012

    everything can be sung in duck

  • rhymeswithplague 7th May 2012

    I seem to recall Shirley Temple singing “Animal Quackers in My Soup”….


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