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Insanity EntranceEven though we did a fair bit of foot-slogging when we stayed in Sin City, we didn’t make it as far north as the Stratosphere, which is probably as well since it’s not the sort of area you want to wander through on foot.

Too much crime make it less than the perfect tourist destination, unless by car with the doors locked, which makes you wonder why the developers chose this site to build the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

But we finally got there last night, meeting some other friends of Ant and Marj for dinner at the Top of the World restaurant.

View from the TowerThose friends are also from UK and they fly out to Vegas five or six times a year where they have an apartment, but they hadn’t eaten at the Strato for some years.

The restaurant used to be the place to eat when after the tower was opened in 1996, but Ant and Marj’s opinion is that it has ideas above its station these days.

You can see the attraction of the place as it slowly revolves giving you spectacular views of Las Vegas and the mountains beyond, but there is no doubt that you pay through the nose for this privilege.

The food was okay, if of European sized servings, but the waiters were a surly bunch with a nice line in superficial deference. The head honcho in particular had a forced grin that never reached his eyes which he switched off immediately after inquiring how the meal was.

But it is entertaining seeing bodies whizzing past the windows while you eat. These weren’t customers who dared criticise the service I must add, but people who pay good money for the Sky Jump experience.

StratosphereAnd that is where the Stratosphere really comes into its own, for the rides and the view from the observation platform. I didn’t take my camera bag because of the airport security you have to go through to enter the tower, so the photos here were taken with my old Canon camera.

Even so, the nightscape views are fantastic, especially when they include people scaring themselves witless on the rides.

We couldn’t pluck up the courage to have a go ourselves, probably a good idea having just eaten, but below is a video I took of Insanity. The clue is in the name.

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  • Econo-Pudding 7th May 2012

    Being a tight Yorkshireman, when we were in Vegas we stayed at The Econolodge which is between The Stratosphere and Downtown. We saw no evidence of crime and walked happily around the area – one night eating in a lovely little Cuban restaurant which was as far away from the vulgar excesses of The Strip as you could imagine. Also visited a couple of junk stores where poor people pored over the random goods. Great stuff !

  • Mr Parrot 7th May 2012

    I suppose it is quite a lot like Sheffield, so I guess you’d feel quite at home.

  • Katherine 8th May 2012

    Great post. You describe it so well sir. I loved the Insanity clip, right down to the ‘have a nice day and don’t forget to pick up your photos’.
    When I was last in ‘Vegas (1979) I was one of those poor people YP mentions – we were only there for a protein top-up in the ‘All the chicken you can eat for $1’ at Circus Circus. Although afterwards I did lose 3 dimes in a one-armed bandit and spent $3 on a teeshirt.

  • Mr Parrot 8th May 2012

    Thanks Katherine. It seems Vegas has many ways to make you poor, even if you weren’t when you arrived. Like Blackpool, it will empty your pockets while making you smile at the same time.


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