The Tipping Point

HeartWe had another Las Vegas weather experience to add to add to our list last night – an electrical storm of sheet lightning and distant thunder,.

Not that we got wet. It had been windy all day yesterday and the clouds began to gather and crash in the evening, but the rain passed us by.

You could see the clouds’ frayed edges in the distance where the rain would be falling, although it probably evaporated before it reached the ground.

Old Nevada PlateIt was still warm you see, even if not by local standards, and Mrs P had a grandstand view of the show from the hot tub as the storm moved in a distant arc across the eastern horizon.

We reached the tipping point of the holiday yesterday when you go from finding your feet in a place and planning what you’d like to do and see to realising that there are just a few days left and wondering how much more you can cram in in a hurry.

Top of that list was another trip to Cactus Joe’s that we went to soon after we arrived in Vegas. I mentioned then that it is like an eccentric garden centre for people who like to grow cactus, as well as an eclectic mix of odds and ends on sale or just as ornaments.

Crystal on a LogYou get an idea of what I mean from the photos on the page. For anyone who enjoys messing with a camera, it’s a slice of paradise.

From CJ’s, we drove up past Blue Diamond to Red Rock Canyon to drive the thirteen mile loop of yet more rugged and stunning scenery.

We would have liked to explore one or two of the many hikes that the canyon has to offer, but as I said above, time was now against us and we had to settle with stopping at several of the viewing points.

SunWe needed to get back because Ant and Marj’s friend Val was joining us for dinner, a really excellent stir-fry of Marj’s concoction.

Due to the wind, it was the first time we had eaten indoors, apart from a couple of cooked breakfasts, but it was nonetheless enjoyable company and conversation for all that.

Which leaves us with just today and tomorrow before we have to reluctantly return to drought-stricken, rain sodden England.

Today we plan to tick off the Hoover Dam from our list of things to do, but I’ll leave you with a view of Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon

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  • Roger Green 8th May 2012

    You’ve seen a whole bunch of this country I’ve never seen!

  • Econo-Pudding 8th May 2012

    Oh – before you leave Vegas you just have to visit The Stripper Bar.
    Stripper Bar is the ultimate Sin City experience! Located at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, customers are greeted by a 31 foot tall custom-built stripper at the entryway and must walk in-between her legs to get inside. At the centre of the bar is a circular stage where servers perform a pole dance every half hour, dancing to today’s hottest tunes playing on a state- of-the-art sound system. Just tell Mrs Parrots that you and Ant are going to shoot crap and down a few beers. She’ll never know.

  • Katherine 9th May 2012

    Those red rocks – We called in there! I thought they were astonishingly fabulous. I’ve never met another soul who knows about them until now. I wondered if they were beyond some kind of portal that I accidentally entered, perhaps that came out on Mars.


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