My Life as a Duck


It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t complete the story of Prudence the Duck. For those who missed my original post, she arrived in pool of our friend’s home in Las Vegas one breezy day and stayed for a couple of hours.

It seemed she and her mate had been attracted by the swimming pool, although they had to abort their water landing when they realised that the cover was still on it.

Prudence about to leaveMr Mallard didn’t hang around, but Prudence, as we named her,  waddled round the garden quite happily, snacking on insects and drinking from the chlorinated pool. Then she settled down on the lawn and laid an egg.

She then flew off to the east, but a Google search suggested that she should return and lay between six and a dozen eggs which would eventually hatch and she would teach the ducklings how to swim in the pool.

Prudence's Egg

Prudence’s Egg

This prospect didn’t please our hosts too much – you can imagine the mess they’d have to clear from the pool – but the more he thought about it, the more he came to like the idea.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Prudence didn’t return and the egg sat lost and lonely on the lawn.

However, I put together a video of her short stay which in itself isn’t particularly exciting, but I do like the soundtrack by Charlie Winston, appropriately ‘My Life as a Duck’.

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  • Bum Pudding 20th May 2012

    Watch out Ridley Scott, Ridley Rhodes is taking over! Love the way you added music to the footage. I wish I could do that but I’m just a dumb bum from a one horse kinda town.

  • Elizabeth 20th May 2012

    Ian, I just love that…

    Prudence is a star, wherever she is. x

  • Mr Parrot 20th May 2012

    Thanks both. I wish I too wish I could put together decent video, or at least had the proper software. As it is, I just used the free Microsoft Movie Maker and the good fortune to come across the song through a search on Spotify.

  • Elizabeth 20th May 2012

    ‘Just’ he says… oh vey! I marvel at your talents, Ian. x

  • Roger Green 21st May 2012

    That’s a ducky story. I approve.

  • Katherine 22nd May 2012

    Delightful story, cute vid. Did they eat it? The egg I mean, not the duck. I hope it wasn’t wasted. Duck eggs are great for cakes.

  • lasvegasant 29th May 2012

    No, we didn’t eat it. Friends wouldn’t let me.


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