Flower Power

TulipThe glorious weather is especially good for the camera and I’ve been taking a few shots around the garden, as you may have noticed from all the flower photos that have been appearing in my Flickr stream.

I took the one on the left early one morning last week and if you click to enlarge it, you can see drops of dew on its petals.

The reason I’ve included it here is because was chosen as one of the photos of the week in the latest issue of our local free paper, The Stockport Times.

DewWhich is a shame really as I’ve taken better shots of the tulips since then. like this one. I also preferred the one on the right with the big drops of dew on the leaves.

It’s the first photo of mine that the editor has chosen for a while and I was getting a bit miffed about it.  They’re lifted from the paper’s Flickr group and are meant to illustrate the town, but almost invariably the ones chosen illustrate birds, flowers, trees, sunsets and sunrises.

All very pretty, but they could have been taken anywhere and it would be nice to see some shots of buildings and landmarks that local people might recognise.

PetalsAnyway, having succumbed to a pretty flower shot myself, I’ve put my letter to the editor in the drafts folder for the time being.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with the camera on my iPad and have been quite impressed, particularly with its autofocus.

It can be tricky to use with the ‘shutter button’ being on the screen and framing the shot when light is bouncing of it, but I was quite pleased with the one above.

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  • Elizabeth 26th May 2012

    Well done, Ian. You take such beautiful photographs – it’s about time that you received recognition for them.

    I post my images to this site and you might be interested in seeing the competition that they are running at the moment – http://www.greatbritishlife.co.uk/article/the-princes-countryside-fund-photography-competition-40668/
    Both you and YP take shots that are well worthy of a prize. x

  • Roger Green 26th May 2012

    “Flower power”? I always thought you were a hippie.

  • Tulip Pudding 27th May 2012

    Are you really Julian Clary in disguise? I mean, all these flower pictures! Nonetheless I congratulate you on making it into the Stockport free paper. It’s so uplifting when you realise that many other people are gazing at your artistry.


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