Won’t Get Fooled Again?

Matt CartoonThe news that doctors are planning to go on strike for the first time in 37 years is a couple of days old and I’m still not sure if I’m entirely sympathetic.

I don’t have a problem with people protecting their pension rights – as far as I’m concerned, when you sign up to what is essentially a lifetime’s employment commitment, the pension package is part of the deal yo be honoured by the employer. It isn’t as if there is a competing NHS that the docs could go and work for instead if they’re unhappy.

And I don’t have much time for people from the private sector bleating that they’ve been done over on their pensions. The answer isn’t to drag everyone else down with you.

If I have a problem, it’s with the GPs because they aren’t NHS employees, they’re businessmen and the NHS invests good money in their premises, equipment etc that they then sell on as a going concern when they retire.

But that isn’t really wanted to write about. What is passing everyone by is the ongoing reorganisation of the NHS and Lansley continues to make a complete dog’s breakfast of it,

The public isn’t really interested in the changes going on in the management structure, but they should be because it’s meant to be saving money that can be sent on patient care. Except it isn’t going to happen from what I can gather.

I read today that the NHS Commissioning Board with have 27 regional offices which strangely enough is almost the same number of regional health authorities that there were two reorganisations ago.

These were the same RHAs that even Labour deemed to be too expensive and too ineffective to be viable which is why they changed things back in 2006.

I can only deduce that a) the lean management machine that Lansley envisaged can’t deliver the control he wants and needs and b) the government simply can’t afford the redundancies and early retirements.

I won’t ramble on about when the world has more pressing concerns, other than to sing along with The Who: ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’

And we’ll get fooled again.

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  • Nye Bevin-Pudding 1st June 2012

    The ConDem health reforms have a crudely dogmatic foundation – nothing to do with efficiency or value for money. As they access their private health care, these over-privileged oafs still resent the very principles of the NHS and that’s why they’re doing their damnedest to vandalise it.

  • Roger Green 1st June 2012

    you know that scream near the end of the song? that’s my comment.


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