Don’t Jubilee’ve It

Etherow Raft RaceDespite the atrocious weather on the Thames yesterday, I glad to say that conditions were much milder by the time the floating pageant reached our neck of the woods today.

The plucky matelots had lost some of their grit and coordination as you might expect after what they had been through and their craft were the worse for wear, as you can see from my photo, but they were determined to put on a good show for the good people of Etherow.

Etherow Raft RaceCommand of the flotilla was under the watchful eye of Rear Admiral Poncenby-Smallpiece (right) aboard the pride of the Royal Naval fleet, HMS Suicidal Insanity.

The Raleigh-class destroyer was commissioned by the former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, who insisted that it be powered by renewable energy, as you can see. Chancellor, George Osborne, also insisted that it be cheap.

Etherow Raft RaceIn any event, the sun shone (intermittently) and there was no immediate threat of rain as the flotilla passed to much cheering, flag waving, none of which where branded by Hello! magazine as they were yesterday, I’m pleased to say.

Neither were there any sign of the army of BBC radio and tv reporters on hand pumping out their endless stream of inane comments and endless interviewers with anyone who seemed to be remotely ‘enjoying the spectacle’.

They’re lighting a beacon over at Hartshead Pike tonight and I had thought about taking my camera to record that event as well, but I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day.

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  • Duke of Pudding 5th June 2012

    Yes. Too much excitement for a man of your age can be dangerous. I suggest that you go and lie down in a dark room, breathe deeply and remember our gracious Queen’s long reign.

  • john 5th June 2012

    ah yes
    the Brits do lunacy and water oh so well….
    a bit like Indian runner ducks without the hysteria!

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 5th June 2012

    What is it about messing about in boats – especially home-made boats? We have a raft race every year in a nearby town and it always ends in most of the competitors getting a dunking, yet they always come back for more… and of course the public loves it!


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