Delayed Jubilee Nostalgia

Jubilee Window in CompstallOne of the things I wanted to do over the Jubilee weekend was to take a photo that might capture the spirit of the world as it was sixty years ago. Goodness knows, those austere times seem likely to repeat themselves with the slow car crash that is the world economy.

I had hoped to get a photo of that stalwart of the ‘royal occasion’ – the street party. There was one to be held on Chapel Street, not far from where I live, but I’m afraid it was deserted because of the rain. Everyone had retired to the modern Methodist Church leaving the bunting hanging limply, dripping and bedraggled.

Not like 1950s Britain. The wartime spirit was still strong then and not even the torrential rain would have put a figurative dampener on proceedings – they would kept calm and carried on.

But then I saw the perfect subject as we were leaving the Etherow Raft Race on Sunday and I went back yesterday to take the photo above.

You can click on it to enlarge and see that it is a Victorian shop front that I shot ever so slightly out of focus and switched to monochrome for that Box Brownie look. Only the white burglar alarm at the top gives it away, otherwise it looks as it might have done in 1952.

Actually that’s not true because in 1952 it was necessary for George VI to shuffle off this mortal coil for his daughter to take his throne and I doubt if they would have put the flags out for that. It’s probably more like 2 June 1953.

OMG! Does that mean we have to through the whole thing again next year?

Compstall JubileeFollowing YP’s comment below, I returned to my photo and made a few adjustments. To start with, I rotated it by half a degree to make the sign above the shop and the bottom of the window run parallel with the edge of the photo.

I also removed the sepia tint and added a Gaussian blur to give it a grainy look. And I removed a small section of the yellow parking lines on the road which I would have shown more of if had cobbles or setts.

I’m not sure which I prefer, probably a combination of the two.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Nit-Picking Pudding 7th June 2012

    Great idea and great picture but at the risk of igniting your wrath, why isn’t the vertical drainpipe exactly parallel to the edge of the picture? I think a slight rotational amendment was required before displaying this artefact to your adoring public.

  • Mr Parrot 7th June 2012

    An interesting point YP, but two problems with that. You’ll notice that the drainpipe isn’t straight and bends off to the right, while the shop itself is on a hill, as you can see from the pavement. If I make the drainpipe parallel with the edge of the photo, then the shop window would be on a slant. I don’t think anything was perfectly ‘true’ in 1952!

  • Mr Parrot 7th June 2012

    You’ve made me think YP so I’ve added another version above.

  • Told U So-Pudding 7th June 2012

    I’ve made you think! Well that’s more than the teachers could do at Gasworks Lane Secondary Modern!…And though I say it myself, the second version is more pleasing to the eye. Mind you – you could have said that the original was deliberately slanted to add to the authentic 1952 feel.


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