Summer Solstice

Cow in a FieldAs you probably already know, it was the longest day of the year yesterday. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, of course, in which case it will have been the longest night.

Notwithstanding, I’d been debating with myself for weeks whether to go on the solstice walk from Park Bridge up to Hartshead Pike after the not so great weather conditions last year.

But the sun actually shone yesterday and the evening was pleasant, so we took the risk and off we went.

It isn’t a particularly long walk – about four and a half miles – but it goes over some rough tracks and boggy ground on the way out and there are quite a few hills to climb.

ButtercupsNaturally I had my camera with me and caught the shot above of the cow that took exception to our dog, Jack, strolling through its field, although we were able to chivvy it out of the way.

It was warm work getting to the top, but as if on cue, it clouded over and the wind got up so the morris dancers ended up keeping their coats on while they strutted their stuff.

We certainly got our fair share of fresh air and there are more photos on my Flickr page.

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  • Midsummer Pudding 21st June 2012

    You never mentioned that you’re a new-age-hippy-Druid kinda guy! Happy Solstice dude and don’t hog that reefer!

  • Roger Green 21st June 2012

    it was HOT here in Albany, NY, in the 90s F, upper 30s C.

  • Mr Parrot 21st June 2012

    More like old-age-hippy-replacements YP! And the only reefers were jackets to keep out the gale.

  • Chrissy Brand 21st June 2012

    Ah, looks and sounds wonderful- good for you. I was showing some American visitors around the city centre and that too was a lovely evening for it. Happy Solsitice /Midsummer’s!


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