Slow Carr Crash

Jimmy CarrThe row over Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs is a timely reminder that far from us all being in the same boat, most of us are paddling like fury while towing luxury yachts on which are smug gits like him lounging around and sipping champagne.

Carr tells us it’s all been a terrible misunderstanding. Apparently, he didn’t tell his agent that he wanted to avoid paying 80 percent tax.

What he actually said was that he wanted to avoid playing 8 Out of Ten Cats. (That joke will be wasted on readers from outside the UK)

Lots of ordinary people have said that they wouldn’t dream of using such loopholes to avoid paying tax, but I don’t really believe them. The oft quoted scenario is that given the choice of secretly ticking a box agreeing to pay 50 percent tax or another that said 5 percent, which would we choose?

There has been enough research to suggest that as a species, we are more likely cheat when the chances of being found out are least. And that’s where Carr really went wrong – the chances were that he’d be found out eventually.

And it’s probably not a good idea to avoid paying taxes when you rely on the people who do to provide you with a very comfortable living. Take note Gary Barlow.

But what really annoys me is the likes of David Cameron intervening with his observations on morality when I’m sure his family has done everything legal to avoid the very same thing.

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  • Moralising Pudding 22nd June 2012

    I learnt a long time ago that honesty is the best policy and in all aspects of my life I seek to live by that code. To me tax evasion is simply theft – cold and premeditated theft from fellow citizens – and no matter how rich I was there is no way that I would ever consider tax evasion. I couldn’t sleep at night. Interesting that the talentless Mancunian dwarf – Ken Barlow’s lad Gary was recently given an OBE for tax evasion. What’s that stand for anyway? Oh, Bugger Equalty?

  • Mr Parrot 22nd June 2012

    Now, now – Barlow was born in Frodsham, not Manchester. And OBE stands for Overly Bloated Ego.

  • Trevor Rowley 22nd June 2012

    It’s simply greed. You name him, any one of them, they’re all at it. Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Sean Connery, they all have it (their huge fortunes) stashed away somewhere abroad where the British Treasury can’t see how much they’ve got. Even Saint Bob Geldof admitted on the radio a couple of weeks back that he was extremely careful how many weeks of the year he spent in the UK – the implication being that he was dodging the taxman. They have more money than they know what to do with yet they still want more. It’s simply greed. Just ask Ken Dodd, he’ll tell you the same.

  • rhymeswithplague 22nd June 2012

    OBE stands for another Outstanding Blogging Event….

  • Roger Green 22nd June 2012

    See, in the US, we just buy our politicians to get the tax laws to be favorable to the rich. Then the rich STILL complain that their taxes are TOO DAMN HIGH.

  • Mr Parrot 22nd June 2012

    The lesson I took back from my stay in the US is that if you’re paying taxes, you’re just not trying hard enough!


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