The Drum is EverythingI just love the serendipity of the connections that you make on the web that can take you back to things you forgotten. Like the band Carmel.

It was Chrissy over at Mancunian Wave that reminded me, but only after we’d connected via her YouTube channel where I spotted a music video from the mid-1980s.

The Carmel in question is Carmel McCourt who gave her name to the band she formed with Jim Parris and Gerry Darby when she was a student in Manchester.

Somewhere I have the vinyl Storm that might once have been called an EP. Except it was LP sized and contained four tracks if I remember correctly.

Carmel had/has the most amazing voice and though the band had some success in the UK, they were more successful in Europe, well enough for them to split their time between Barcelona, Paris and Manchester in the 1990s.

According to Wikipedia, McCourt and Parris are working on new material and McCourt is also a singing coach at Manchester-based performance group, Aqueous Humour. (Carmel’s today page)

Anyway, thanks Chrissy – I’ve ordered a couple of Carmel compilation CDs from Amazon.

Meanwhile, I leave you with the fuzzy video of More, More, More from 1984, filmed on the snowy streets of Manchester (Whalley Range or Moss Side I suspect). It will give you an idea of what a super soulful voice she has.

Carmel here are: Carmel McCourt, Jim Parris on bass, Gerry Darby on drums and backing singers Helen Watson and Shirley Laidley.

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  • Roger Green 24th June 2012

    they’re GREAT. Don’t know them.

  • Fifty Pence Pudding 24th June 2012

    Like Professor R.Green, I had never heard of them but I enjoyed the clip and yes she did have a great, old-fashioned and soulful voice. They could use this number for a retro bankers’ bonuses ad.. “Give me more, more, more, more!”

  • Mr Parrot 24th June 2012

    I’d rather give the bankers another of her songs – Bad Day!

  • Francisca 27th June 2012

    Oooh, fun… A new voice for me, too. And yet Carmel McCourt looks familiar to me… hmmm….

  • Chrissy Brand 9th July 2012

    Glad to be of assistance SP! Happy memories…

  • Phil Penman 12th September 2012

    Great to see people remembering Carmel from way back – but even better to hear that people are discovering her/the band for the first time. All 6 of the band’s albums have been lovingly repackaged on CD in 2012 with bonus tracks (singles and b-sides) and are available from amazon (or better for everyone except amazon) directly from the Drumfire website. Carmel, Gerry and Jim have contributed notes and private photos for these releases too. Forget ‘compilations’, these are so much better!
    Great news also – Carmel is back out performing live in October! Check out her official website for where and when.

  • Mr Parrot 12th September 2012

    Thanks for the tip-off Phil. I’ve tracked down tickets on the Band on the Wall website.


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