Flaming June

Yen-Po Chen

Yen-Po Chen

With a month to go to the start of London 2012, I can’t say I seen a great wave of Olympic fever, despite the best efforts of the media to whip up the hysteria. Or perhaps it’s my world weariness.

Still I felt it incumbent on me to drum up my enthusiasm by taking time out yesterday to witness the Olympic torch on its 8,000 mile relay through the UK as it passed nearby in Stockport and Ashton.

After all, the Olympics haven’t been held in the UK before in my lifetime and are unlikely to again, not without me entering the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest man.

Despite the poor weather and the early start for a Sunday, there was a decent turnout of flag-waving locals, mostly bleary eyed adults and excited children.

It was all part of inspiring a generation, as the 2012 slogan has it, and this involved waiting around in the chill of the morning for half an hour or so before the razzmatazz of the relay flashed by in the blink of an eye.

Coca Cola BandwagonAt the head of the parade were the sponsors vehicles paid for by those long-established British companies, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

The torch carrier followed on five minutes later, in this case the marathon runner Yen-Po Chen from Taiwan for some reason.

All was explained on the London 2012 website and it bears repeating in full here if only to question why no-one thought to edit the contributions sent in by non-English speakers:

Yen Po Chen has undertaken more 18 years training of running, his passion toward running lead him to a totally different road with all peers.

He spend all the time on running just for achieve his dream of being a Marathon runner. To achieve his goal, he faced death for 3 time, however, it didn’t defeat him but stronger his will to achieve and get what he wants.

Due to these kinds of persistence, he inspired young men like him not to be defeated by the young and give up stereotype from others eye. Because once we have perseverance toward our goal, we can definitely do it and that’s what we young people have to prove to everyone.

Yen-Po has won the award of the outstanding young person of Taiwan this year just like the name. He also won lots of price of Marathon like 2010 Antarctic Ice Marathon 100km and Himalayan 100 mile stage race and so on which fully support his perseverance on his goal.

I was back home within the hour wondering whether it had been worth it, but I promise to boost my patriotic fervour by July.

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  • john 25th June 2012

    I think given the fact that you actually went speaks volumes despite your slightly downbeat slant on it all!!!!

  • Mr Parrot 25th June 2012

    Closet athletics fan, that’s me!

  • Bear Torcher-Pudding 25th June 2012

    Hang on a minute! You said, and I quote – “The Olympics haven’t been held in the UK before in my lifetime”. You silly fellow, didn’t you realise they were held in 1948? Mind you, I guess you were just a small boy of seven or eight at the time.

  • Jennyta 25th June 2012

    I missed them by a couple of months last time round and I’m hoping to find a desert island somewhere in order to miss them again this time. 😉

  • rhymeswithplague 25th June 2012

    We purposely left Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. Were in Charlotte, North Carolina, when we heard about the bombing.

    At least the roads were improved dramatically when the Olympics came to town.

  • Roger Green 26th June 2012

    Lake Placid’s not that far from here, so that was exciting in 1980.

  • Chrissy Brand 26th June 2012

    I am all in favour of young atheletes giving their best, so that side of the Olympics is fine, but I am not happy at the waste of tax payers’money and the corporate sponsorship, by companies that unhealthy peddle fast food and fizzy drinks.

  • Roger Green 26th June 2012

    RWP is right about Atlanta’s roads. I was down there in 1995 and there was MASSIVE road repair.

  • Trevor Rowley 26th June 2012

    So, what do we do for “corporate sponsorship”, Chrissy? Tell Macdonalds and Coca Cola to stuff it and invite Royal Bank of Scotland to step in at short notice? We could also see if Rangers and Bradford Bulls could come up with something while we’re waiting. If you’re going to want big money to fund a project of this size, you can’t really afford to be prissy about how they earn their brass or you’ll be waiting for rather a long time for a “squeaky clean” donor.

  • Mr Parrot 26th June 2012

    Two articles I read today: first that we are becoming more and more obsessed with watching sport, but from our armchairs and it’s making us fatter. Second, that the Olympic venue will contain the largest McDonald’s in the world. Two storeys of saturated fat meals for the spectators.

    So I take Chrissy’s point about exactly who sponsors what is meant to be a celebration of fitness.

  • Francisca 27th June 2012

    Interesting discussion… I’m on Chrissy’s side… having Coke and McD sponsoring the ultimate health games is ludicrous. Let’s add Philip Morris to the mix, and oh, let’s not forget Johnnie Walker… at least they appear to be promoting walking… LOL!

  • Francisca 27th June 2012

    I forgot to say something about that delightful Google Translate English… LOL!! But WHO is managing the Olympic website? Where have all the Brits gone…?


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