Life in a Second

A friend of Mrs P sent her a link to the video below that shows one second clips from a two month holiday in Asia. What a brilliant idea and not unlike the Where the Hell is Matt? video featured on Going Gently yesterday.

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  • john 26th June 2012

    humbling and a bit of an eye opener

  • Chrissy Brand 26th June 2012

    Absolutely wonderful idea and a brilliant selection of seconds too, which makes all the difference!

  • Reader Wil 26th June 2012

    It made me curious to know what actually was going on . It is an eye opener indeed!
    Thanks for comment on Esther and poor Vashti. Come to think of it: Vashti was actually the main instrument for saving the Jewish people from being slaughtered. Unintentionally but she is the woman whom the Jews should be grateful too. She was brave and the first defender of women’s rights. Esther, however, did what was possible and accepted at that time.

  • Roger Green 26th June 2012

    clever concept!

  • Francisca 27th June 2012

    I feel like I’ve just taken a two-week holiday. I wasn’t knocked out of my socks until I read at the end that this is ALL the video he took, no more, no less. I had assumed he had edited from much more material. Wow.

  • Katherine 27th June 2012

    Wonderful. I am reeling. A super idea, too.


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