Incredible: Johnny Rotten and Louise Mensch on Quetion TimeDon’t you ever wonder if people mean what they say or say what they mean? Do they use the right words when they should know better?

The latest case in point is Louise Mensch, the 41-year-old MP for Corby*, who admitted taking Class A drugs in her youth when she was on Question Time on Thursday.

Today she is reported in the Telegraph as saying: ‘It is something that I regret incredibly, that, in my youth, I messed with my brain.’

It is her use of that word ‘incredibly’ that jars, or does she really think that her apology is ‘so implausible as to elicit disbelief’ which is the dictionary definition of the word incredible.

Or perhaps she is absolutely correct in assuming that the public will question the sincerity of her contrition.

What was truly incredible about the programme was the inclusion of Johnny Rotten as one of the panelists.

I know the BBC like to include people on the programme who aren’t politicians, but the producers must have been on some of those Class A drugs if they thought John Lydon would be the voice of common sense.

It was embarrassing. Not only did he interrupt the others panelists every five seconds, he also irritated the audience by diving in with his opinions halfway through their questions.

As one of woman said, ‘John I love ya but will ya let me finish?’ The Telegraph is right; Lydon played the part of the pub bore.

* Two interesting things about Corby: It is the largest town in Europe not to have a railway station, but it has a crater on Mars named after it. (Craters on Mars are named after places beginning with the letter C, including Cádiz, Crewe, Canberra, Cairns and Charleston.)

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  • rhymeswithplague 7th July 2012

    I don’t know who Louise Mensch is or where Corby is, but I have heard of Johnny Rotten.

    I was prepared to believe you implicitly about the craters on Mars, but something told me to check it out. YOU LIED (or, less judgmentally, you were pulling our collective legs)!!

  • rhymeswithplague 7th July 2012

    (Click on my last sentence for proof.)

  • Mr Parrot 7th July 2012

    Oh all right, I fibbed a bit. But I think it used to be true in 1979 when the craters of Mars were named after towns across the globe.

  • Jan James 8th July 2012

    Thank you, RWP, I was about to plant that bogus Mars information firmly in my brain, where it would be etched in stone. Not that I’ll be going to Mars and will ever need to know the names of the craters.

  • Thick Pudding 8th July 2012

    Before becoming an MP, I wonder if Mensch told the Corby Conservatives selection committee that she liked to smoke dope when she was younger? Mind you, Cameron himself was, by all accounts, also an ardent dope smoker and got himself into hot water over his nasty habit whilst at Eton. Interesting to see how Mensch tries to turn her “experience” into a qualification for damning Class A drugs – like a poacher turned gamekeeper.

  • Mr Parrot 9th July 2012

    I suspect that Mench’s drug-taking was rather more than smoking dope. She says it messed with her brain. Then she joined the Tory party of course!

  • Arctic Fox 10th July 2012

    they don’t have a train station but they do have a trouser press!


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