Sticks and Stones

The c-wordI don’t know if it’s just me, but I found the news reports of the John Terry racist comments trial rather surreal and not a little bit sad.

The radio journalists had to be extremely circumspect when reporting the alleged comments made by both Terry and Anton Ferdinand and there was a lot of on the fly self-editing going on.

But the one word they could use without blushing or stuttering was ‘black’ – the very word on which the prosecution rests.

Apparently it is quite acceptable for players to use foul and abusive language towards each other and make gross comments about their private lives, but a line is drawn at the b-word.

It’s impossible to put myself in that position (I don’t earn £50k a week for a start) but I struggle to imagine that I’d take more offence at being called a ‘silly black sausage’ than I would a ‘stupid c***’.

But then I’m not black, nor a sensitive soul like these footballers, so what would I know.

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  • john 10th July 2012

    I have been called all sorts in my time….
    I think it is the venom behind a comment which can be so hurtful…and racist insults often have bagfulls of the bloody stuff.
    insults often can be ignored
    anger often cannot be overlooked

  • Mr Parrot 10th July 2012

    I agree with you John and if Anton Ferdinand had been the blameless party then the trial should certainly have gone ahead. In fact, both Terry and Ferdinand were trading angry insults.

    I don’t like John Terry – I detest the man – but I wonder if he had simply hit Ferdinand and gone on trial for assault whether what the latter had said would have been considered mitigating circumstances

  • Bridget 10th July 2012

    This is insane! Is there a veto on the ‘w’ word too? Would ‘white twat’, eg, end one up in court? And why on earth did the whole thing end up in court in the first place? It seems petty beyond belief.

  • Mr Parrot 10th July 2012

    It’s part of the ‘we’re tough on racism’ campaign by the FA and you probably can’t blame them with the behaviour of some players and fans. What I find bizarre is that everything else is considered okay without a murmur from the authorities.

  • Bridget 10th July 2012

    But of course! I was particularly partial to the Guardian article which spelled out every choice obscenity and potentially libellous accusation; in the circs, calling someone ‘black’ seemed awfully tame :).

  • Francisca 12th July 2012

    This is a joke, right? Two kettles calling each other bl… oops! Okay, how about bullies in a sandbox calling for their mommies… I guess the courts have nothing more substantial to look at… like maybe the LIBOR scandal… etc etc etc…


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