Blobfest 2012

BlobfestIt’s always good to get feedback through comments – it makes it feel less like you’re just whistling in the dark.

It is especially nice when you hear from the people you’ve written about, as when the author, Stephen Leather, left a thank you after my review of his book Nightmare.

I can only assume they have themselves set up on a Google Alert.

But sometimes the comments are to tell me that I’ve got something wrong, as happened this week.

Earlier this month I wrote about Irvin Yeaworth as my Y for ABC Wednesday and one of the commenters was his son, Kris. Among other things I got wrong was that I said his father was a Methodist minister when he was a Presbyterian.

The Jordan ExperienceI was happy to set the record straight and we’ve swapped a couple of emails. Among other things, Kris sent me the scan of the poster (right) for The Jordan Experience. This was the last publicity material Irvin Yeaworth designed before his death in 2004.

Kris was the film editor and sound designer for the project and is in the process of writing a book on his experiences living in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, where they had 165 acres, 26 buildings and three sound stages and made over 400 films.

Irvin Yeaworth bought the property from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the oldest art school in the US, that is still in operation in Philadelphia.

But by happy coincidence, Kris tells me that the Blobfest 2012 is to be held this weekend at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Friday Run OutThis is the annual celebration for classic horror fans and among other things, the weekend’s shenanigans include the regular Friday Night Run Out (left) as the audience runs screaming into the street.

It sounds like a great deal of fun and I’m only sorry it’s just that bit too far for me to go and join in.

Thanks again to Kris for putting me straight and here he is on YouTube at Blobfest 2007 discussing the making of The Blob.

And below is a short film of the 1950s-style clad audience in the Run Out hysteria from last year.

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  • Roger Green 13th July 2012

    Facebook worthy, so I did.

  • Arctic Fox 16th July 2012

    the “run out” looks amazing…… a fine example of what it really means to be a human on this planet….. truly something only a human could/would indulge in.


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