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Long JumpThe media has rightly given a bashing to G4S over the complete hash it has made, and continues to make, over the security arrangements for the Olympics.

But the media is not above Olympian cock-ups of their own.

Click on the image on the left which I scanned from the Sunday Times Olympic Scrapbook for kids.

Perhaps it explains why that’s one event in which we won’t win a medal. (I refuse to use the word ‘medal’ as a verb)

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  • Jennyta 20th July 2012

    A cheerful moment to brighten the gloom of all the Olympian cock-ups! 😉

  • Baron Kubla Khan de Pudding 23rd July 2012

    Britain would win far more medals if we had mobility scooter racing, office chair sprinting and gurning. Also what about bringing back sack racing and the egg and spoon race? The opening ceremony would have been much cheaper if we had given the chairman of GS4 a loin cloth and sent him into the stadium with a bunch of lions.


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