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Chadkirk Bridge

The new Chadkirk Bridge

As usual with the Olympics, I’ve found myself in thrall of sports that I haven’t a clue about and couldn’t care less about at any other time, so I’ve found myself up until the early hours watching volleyball of all things.

Much as I admire Bradley Wiggins for his success in the Tour de France, it wasn’t something I watched on tv and yet I spent four hours on Saturday watching Team GB failing to win the road race.

And last night I learned the niceties and not-so-niceties of handball which is a cross between five-a-side football, basketball and a bar room brawl.

Being in danger of becoming a permanent armchair spectator, we decided that a little fresh air and exercise were in order and took ourselves off to Chadkirk Country Park which is a few minutes drive from where we live to watch the opening of a new bridge across the River Goyt.

That’s it above, built with Lottery Fund money and providing a path and crossing for walkers, horse riders and cyclists. I had wondered if they’d name it The Olympic Bridge, but as one local pointed out, ‘No, Chadkirk Bridge will do. Folk like to know where they are.’

The opening was timed to coincide with the annual Chadkirk Festival where we spent a pleasant couple of hours and below is a small selection of photos that I took there that you can click to enlarge.

My particular favourites are the handler from SMJ Falconry with the African Spotted Eagle Owl – that’s a look of love! – and the cream scones which were fantastic, if impossible to eat without making a complete mess of yourself.

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  • Pentland Javelin Pudding 30th July 2012

    “…impossible to eat without making a complete mess of yourself.” Psst! They make Pampers for incontinent adults. Now, King Edward, back to the couch and the remote!

  • Pentland Javelin Pudding 30th July 2012

    P.S. I agree – the owlman photo is very good.

  • Trevor Rowley 30th July 2012

    I assume there’s a church at Chadkirk, Mr P? With a name like that there just has to be, and probably Viking in origin as well. I’ve never been there, not knowingly anyway. Is it half way down Otterspool (going from Harrytown at the top and the road to Marple Bridge at the bottom)? I have it in my mind’s eye, a signpost to Chadkirk going off to the left. As I recall, a lad in my class at HCGS going full pelt down there on his bike and went a**e over t*t straight over the handlebars and lost the end of his finger in the process. Dozy ‘ayputh

  • Mr Parrot 30th July 2012

    There is indeed a chapel at Chakirk, supposedly founded by St Chad in the 7th century, although the records go back to the 1300s. It is quite isolated and fell into disuse until it was taken over by non-conformists after the Act of Uniformity, drawing worshippers from places like Denton. It is now owned by Stockport MBC and is Grade II listed building.

    It is where you described, about a mile from the main road and is quite a pretty building. It also has a splendid walled garden and is worth a visit should you be passing. Another way of getting to it is from the canal towpath.


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