King of the Road

King BradleyI know there is still over a week to go before the end of the Olympics, but this photo is in the running for my abiding image of the games.

Having three enormous gilded thrones for the bronze, silver and gold medal winners of the men’s road cycling time trial at the finishing line at Hampton Court was completely over the top.

I don’t think they’d been dragged out of the palace for the occasion (although they might have) as they seemed specially designed for the occasion as they were in descending size order, from gigantic to simply huge.

Chris Frome looked particularly uncomfortable as he perched on ‘baby bear’s’ throne as he waited for the rest of the field to finish and Bradley Wiggins finally took his place as the winner.

Wiggins StampWhile it looks a rather conceited pose, I suspect that Wiggins was being deliberately ironic for the cameras because he didn’t stay on it long before he rode off in search of his wife and children.

I’m not sure whose idea the thrones were and they didn’t play any further part in proceedings, at least not that I saw and you can already buy the commemorative stamp on the right.

Actually, that is quite clever marketing by the post office, along with their promise to paint a traditional red post box gold for each gold medal winner.

Apparently Wiggins has two, one in Eccleston and another in Chorley, Lancashire and my own personal Olympic mission is to get a photo of one or both of them.

In the meantime, a celebratory video of Roger Miller singing King of the Road.

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  • Chrissy Brand 3rd August 2012

    Quite amusing as it was at Hampton Court Palace, but like all of the Olympics – too over the top and too much focus on winners and /or Britain and not enough about the 203 other countries (IMHO)

  • Trevor Rowley 3rd August 2012

    Let’s face the obvious, Chrissy, it’s a competition, so of course it’s about winners. As for the focus being on Britain, try watching Australian TV and see who they focus on – you won’t get many Brits on there. If you want no Brits at all, try any station in Argentina.

  • rhymeswithplague 3rd August 2012

    Talk about your six degrees of separation, you (1) and I (2) are blogging friends, and my boyhood friend and neighbor Bruce Hornell’s (3) older brother Vernon’s (4) wife (5) was none other than the sister of that selfsame Roger Miller (6).

    Unfortunately, Vernon’s wife and child came to an untimely end when the automobile in which they were riding was hit by a train at a railroad crossing.

  • Mr Parrot 3rd August 2012

    Chrissy: I think you may be being a little harsh on the BBC. The coverage has been far more comprehensive than I recall previously and they happily congratulate great performances by competitors form other nations. As for the focus on winners, that is rather the point of competition!

    Mr Plague: What a fascinating connection. You now have me determined to make the six degrees of separation in reverse.

  • Seb Pudding 4th August 2012


  • Mr Parrot 4th August 2012

    Hello to you too YP.


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