FuerteventuraIn these days of digital photography, it’s hard to remember what it was like to record what you saw on film.

It was a time when photography was expensive, not just because of the cost of the equipment, but also the expense of buying and processing film.

I remember when taking more than two or three shots of the same scene so I could get the composition just right felt like an extravagance. And composition was important because the prints came back in standard sizes, so cropping wasn’t ideal.

I’ve started to scan in some of the photos from the family album, like the one above which I took on holiday in Fuerteventura. It is as shot as I had one of those cameras that had a panoramic format that seemed to be the way forward for film before digital killed it off.

Mrs PThe interesting thing is that when you zoom in, print has much softer edges that digital and less flaring.

On the left is one of my favourite photos of Mrs P which she’ll hate me for including as it was taken 25 years ago or more. It was an impromptu shot taken in the kitchen of our first house and wasn’t posed in any way.

What I was doing taking photos with black and white film I’ve no idea. I suspect I was going through one of my experimental phases.

Anyway, I like it, but I won’t inflict on you any more from the family album. Then again I might.

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  • Roger Green 5th August 2012

    Mrs P was a BABE. Which, of course, begs the obvious question…

  • Mr Parrot 5th August 2012

    I’m trying think what the masculine of ‘BABE’ might be. Whatever it is, it wasn’t me!

  • Seb Pudding 6th August 2012

    Mrs P was pursing her lips in a “come hither” pose. What I’d like to know is did you in fact “come hither” after you caught her in that black and white BABE moment?

  • Mr Parrot 6th August 2012

    I don’t think that a come hither pose, more a mid-sentence ‘don’t you dare take my photo’ or words to that effect.

  • Trevor Rowley 6th August 2012

    I think there might be a danger that this fine blogsite might now rapidly deteriorate into something resembling, “Readers’ Wives.” For those of you who might not be too familiar with this type of periodical, it involves rather a lot of taking your clothes off.

    PS Also captured in print by Salford’s very own “Punk Poet”, John Cooper Clark in his piece, “Readers’ Wives.” Check it out.

  • Porno Pudding 6th August 2012

    How does the lecherous Trevor Rowley know so much about “Readers’ Wives”? Mind you, having asked that, I think Mr Rowley’s idea is appealing and the direction he suggests will surely attract far more visitors to this historically cerebral blog. How about a couple of risqué pictures of Mrs Rowley to begin with?

  • Mr Parrot 6th August 2012

    I did check out John Cooper Clark on YouTube and was rather unsettled by the Google Ad for ‘mature dating uk’ that accompanied it!

    It reminded me of the wonderful story about John Prescott’s Twitter row with Grant Schapps after the former complained that the latter’s website carried adverts for Thai brides. It was then pointed out that they were Google Ads that reflected recent searches by the viewer.

    Bizarrely the story has been pulled from the Daily Mail website or I’d offer a link.

  • Trevor Rowley 6th August 2012

    Answer for Mr Porno Pudding: A friend told me all about it.

    As for John Cooper Clarke, surely one of the nation’s “hidden gems.” A work colleague some years ago (a Salford girl herself) told us that her brother had been JCC’s roadie (goodness knows what that entailed given that the great man was a poet!!). Sadly, Johnny boy seemed to disappear off the entertainment world radar for several years as he did his best to recover from an overindulgence of something habitual.

  • Katherine 6th August 2012

    I have it on my list to scan in my precious early snaps… and I have a whole lot of slides too. I feel vulnerable having only physical copies.

  • Mr Parrot 7th August 2012

    My feelings exactly Katherine, which is is odd when you think about it. Virtual photo albums stored on hard disk are potentially more vulnerable than the old-fashioned kind!

  • Katherine 10th August 2012

    I think the masculine version of a ‘babe’ is a ‘spunk’ Well, it is in Aussie and New Zealand.


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