Olympic Round-up

I said that I would serialise my impressions of London 2012, some serious, some not, and here’s the first instalment starting on a positive note.

Nicola AdamsThe Face of London 2012

Every four years the media decides who is the ‘Face of the Olympics’ and for me, there is only one contender, the boxer Nicola Adams.

I’m not a fight fan, but I caught her first bout and followed her through to the gold medal. Nicola has a smile to light up any room and a personality to match.

And her joy at achieving her life’s ambition brought a tear to even this cynical author’s eye.

However, if you think that the introduction of women’s boxing to the Olympics has broken down the last barrier to gender equality in sport then you’re seriously mistaken.

Only when men are allowed to don glitter and waterproof makeup to break through the glass ceiling of synchronised swimming will true equality be achieved.

Commentator’s Quote

Radio and tv commentators say some memorable things, or at least memorable for the wrong reasons, but even with so many to choose from, my favourite comes from John Cullen explaining the inscrutable philosophy of Taekwondo:

It is the art of doing nothing effectively instead of effectively doing nothing.

That’s Zen and the art of kicking someone round the head.

Bandwagon Jumping

Politicians love nothing better than to bask in the reflected glory of sporting success, but they can’t even get that right most of the time.

Mitt Romney got the ball rolling by saying that the UK wasn’t ready for the games during his visit here which as diplomacy goes is like going round to your neighbour’s house and criticising their choice of curtains.

Not content with that, he then demonstrated his grasp of foreign affairs by addressing Ed Miliband as ‘Mr Leader’ presumably because he thought he was in North Korea.

And now he has insulted the US Olympic athletes as well if the Huffington Post is to be believed.

The sports minister, Jeremy Hunt, used his photo opportunity to narrowly miss hitting a woman with his bell end and then publicly showed his disdain for and lack of relationship with Rupert Murdoch by smiling broadly at the media magnate and warmly shaking his hand.

David Cameron did his best to gain some kudos from London 2012 by keeping his mouth shut and deftly avoiding any meetings with unsavoury Australian multi-millionaires only to be dubbed with ‘The Curse of Cameron‘ as one GB athlete after another failed when he was a spectator.

Tony and MoThe only politician to get it right was former PM and Middle East envoy Tony Blair.

There he is on the right (as usual) cheering Mo Farah to victory in the 10,000m wearing his habitual US team colours.

Athlete of London 2012

The media has been full of Usain Bolt and his unique double in the 100m and 200m sprint, but the greatest performance on the track as far as I’m concerned was David Rudisha of Kenya smashing the world record in the 800m.

No bravado and an unassuming tv interviewee, he did his job without the help of a pacemaker and at 23 he will surely break the one minute forty barrier before long.

As for Usain, here is a re-run of his 100m victory.

To Be Continued

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5 comments… Add yours
  • Arctic Fox 12th August 2012

    ah the Lego games have been brilliant…. I particularly enjoyed the swimming ones.

  • Roger Green 12th August 2012

    you’re right about synchronised swimming

  • john gray 12th August 2012

    I really liked the “knitted “Olympians complete with pool which I saw on the BBC website
    and as you probably know I have loved London’s “good natured” and well run games…
    forget the political posturing…. the games are a sucess !!!!

  • rhymeswithplague 12th August 2012

    The men don’t need to wear glitter and waterproof make-up. They managed to break the barrier into synchronised diving, complete with itty-bitty bikinis and full frontal nearly-naked body hugs afterward.

    It won’t be long before they’re back to where they started with completely naked Olympics in ancient Greece.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 13th August 2012

    I LOVE the lego race! However long did it take for them to build that and film it? Good heavens .. still, I suppose the continuing hits are worth it! 😉

    I was amazed at some of the events we managed to get gold in, and the women’s boxing was one of them. Also, I believe we snabbled one in Tae Kwon Do, or ‘Zen and the art of kicking someone around the head’ as you so eloquently describe it! Briton Jones? Featherweight, I think, and good for her!


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