Olympic Round-up Part Two

This is the second installment my impressions of London 2012, some serious, some not, and this one starts on a negative note.

Idowu OutFlops of the Games

There weren’t too many flops in my eyes, but one who stood out for Team GB was Phillips Idowu pictured left going out in the qualifying round of the triple jump.

Was he fit? Was he injured? Was he in the country? When would he join the squad? Was he really in London? By the end of it I couldn’t care less and was delighted when he fell at the first hurdle as it were.

The team that failed in some style were Australia with their very slow start after such a great showing in Beijing, Athens and Sydney. But this isn’t schadenfreude on my part – it’s a reminder of what could happen to Team GB if we don’t follow through on our success in London.

Media Hype of London 2012

Speaking of Australia, there was a lot of ribbing that Yorkshire had done better for medals than the antipodeans, but there was one area of the country that outshone the white rose county – Lancashire.

The various administrative areas that make up the old Yorkshire county produced five gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

Meanwhile the areas that make up the old Lancashire county (ie including Greater Manchester and Merseyside) matched the five golds, but the red rose county pipped their old rivals by having double the number of both silver and bronze medals, so there!

Biting a MedalIrritating Photos

Early on in the Games, every photo of a medallist showed them attempting to bite it which makes you think that they think they’re being fobbed off with a counterfeit.

The picture editors had obviously got fed up with this image by the second week and we then saw the athletes kissing their medals instead.

Denys BerinchykThe point is that none of the poses were natural and all done at the behest of the photographers and their limited imaginations.

It is much better to let the competitors get on with it and you’ll come up with a much more original photo, like the one on the left showing the eccentric Ukrainian boxer, Denys Berinchyk using his silver medal as a monocle.

Sporting Spirit 2012

Team GB's Magic WheelsAll the events I’ve seen have been played in a spirit of comradeship between the competing athletes, but there were odd moments when that cracked, such as when the French made dark mutterings about perfidious Albion and our ‘magic wheels‘.

Obviously this is because the GB cycling team has Albus Dumbledore as their technical advisor.

But we can be just as bad. When French pole vaulter, Renaud Lavillenie, set his new world record to win gold, I distinctly heard someone say: ‘Oh look, a flying frog!’

I’m afraid that someone was me.

To Be Continued

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Magic Pudding 13th August 2012

    Regarding the Yorkshire v Lancashire medals debate, you are of course forgetting that Usain Bolt is in fact a Yorkshireman who grew up in the pit village of Crigglestone near Wakefield – the son of a bus driver and a dinner lady – Herbert and Gladys Bolt. At the age of ten Usain was playing up at school and so was sent to Jamaica to live with his maternal grandmother. Also the swimmer Michael Phelps spent his formative years in Yorkshire – his father being a lighthouse keeper at Spurn Point which is where the lad learnt to swim like a fish.

  • Mr Parrot 13th August 2012

    I think you’ll find that both Herbert and Gladys Bolt were Lancastrians from Ramsbottom and that they only moved to Crigglestone so that Gladys could be nearer to her work. (She was the Jamie Oliver of her day and had been chosen to bring the standard of Yorkshire school meals up to the standard of those in Lancashire.)

    And though Michael Phelps spent his formative at Spurn Point, this was because his Fleetwood fisherman father had to find a job on land due to chronic mal de mer.

  • Psychoanalytical Pudding 13th August 2012

    You’re inhabiting a fantasy world old chap!

  • Mr Parrot 13th August 2012

    I only moved to this fantasy world so I could say I lived nextdoor to you!

  • Roger Green 13th August 2012

    NBC said that the athletes keep biting their medals because the photographers keep asking them to do so…

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 13th August 2012

    Ha! ‘A flying frog’! Very good! Tee hee.

    I watched … well, not very much of the Olympics, but what I did see was quite fun. What amused me even more, though, was the fuss the Australians made about New Zealand getting more medals than themselves. Apparently, on one news round-up, when NZ was lying tenth and Oz was considerably further down the league tables, they actually put up a chart of who was placed where .. from one to nine! Hahahahahahaha!!! Did they think nobody would notice?


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