Prince Harry and Other Royal Nudes

Prince Harry in the Nude!On my blog dashboard is a section labelled SEO where I’m supposed enter things like custom titles, meta descriptions and tags and such.

It’s all part of the black art of search engine optimisation to get yourself really noticed by Google and Bing, which sounds like a dance act from the 1930s.

I don’t pay it much heed as a rule which probably explains why Shooting Parrots is considerably less popular than say the Fine Woodworking blog.

King George VI Nude!Anyway, I thought it was time to make an effort and publish something that everyone is looking for right now. The obvious answer is nude photos of the royal family, especially if I can get in there before The Sun hits the news stands.

So here we are, above is that rascal Prince Harry in typical birthday suit pose, the scamp, but after a hard day’s carousing in the pool, what better way to relax for the third in succession to the crown.

Queen Mother in the Nude!And above right is a very rare and previously unpublished paparazzi shot of the future King George VI taken with a long-lens during a wild milk and rusk party on the notorious ‘love island’ of Anglesey.

But the most shocking of all is the photo on the left a young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, the future Queen Mother, brazenly posing completely naked beneath those clothes.

That should do the trick. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the visitors to come flocking to Shooting Parrots. And work out the rules to strip billiards while I do so.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Hurricane Pudding 24th August 2012

    The rules to “strip billiards” are simple. After the reds have cannoned together you’ve just got to aim your cue at the pocket and sink the white…. What a lovely picture of the Queen Mum by the way.

  • Roger Green 24th August 2012

    SEX, SEX, SEX is how Harry got here in the first place, and the others as well.
    Hope that helps your ratings.

  • Mr Parrot 24th August 2012

    Thanks YP, but what is the penalty for going in off the brown?

    And thanks Roger. You’re obviously more experienced with SEO than I am. I really should have used SEX!!! SEX!!! SEX!!! with lots of exclamation marks in my site traffic trap!!!

  • Katherine 24th August 2012

    Haha ha! You NAUGHTY boys. Fancy writing all those RUDE words just to get attention.

  • Whirlwind Pudding 24th August 2012

    “Thanks YP, but what is the penalty for going in off the brown?”
    I think this is a rhetorical question as rumour has it that you have always favoured the brown in the middle pocket.

  • rhymeswithplague 24th August 2012

    The first rule in “strip billiards” is poke the billiard balls, not the other players. I formulated this rule the other day when I saw the photo of Prince Harry “giving an unidentified female a bear hug” (as the tabloids here so quaintly put it). Perhaps my mind was in the gutter.

  • Prudish Pudding 24th August 2012

    I find myself offended by the lewdness of Mr Brague’s last remark. Could it possibly be quickly deleted as children may stumble upon this blog?

  • Trevor Rowley 24th August 2012

    “Naughty boys come out to play” and they certainly do with a topic like this. As for Strip Billiards, there’s not much to it, really. Speak for yourself you might say. My main advice would be, always make sure that, when your ball goes in the pocket, you must wait for the little man wearing white gloves to come round the table, dip his hand in the pocket and then get your ball out. Also, always make sure you put plenty of chalk on the end of your stick – certainly if you want to ensure a good grip. Lastly, it is considered rather gentlemanly, especially when leaning over the table, to keep one foot on the ground. That way you don’t contravene any obscure laws of the game ( or even the British Board of Film Censors for that matter).

  • Francisca 1st September 2012

    So did the SEO trick work? 😀

  • Francisca 1st September 2012

    PS. I have to add something because I forgot to click the notify box. I’ve been away from blog-hopping too long… Still not back to blogging… but did make it round the globe… Philippines, Toronto, Los Angeles, back to Philippines, then back to Wuchuan via Hong Kong… In this meantime, you had the world in your back yard and I missed it entirely. 🙁 I heard the Olympics were a huge success. Congratulations!

  • Mr Parrot 1st September 2012

    Sadly, the SEO trick didn’t work. I think I undercooked the exclamation marks or something.

    Yep, the Olympics were quite something, although my watching was restricted to the tv and the red button.


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