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I don't approve of this exhibitionIt wouldn’t be a bank holiday without rain, but today felt positively autumnal as we scratched around for something to do.

There wasn’t much as it turned out. Mrs P quite fancied the idea of the two hour tour of the Great Northern Warehouse Tunnel in Manchester until I pointed out that it was Monday and the tour she was looking at on the web was yesterday.

But we went into Manchester anyway which had quietened down after the Gay Pride celebrations over the weekend and most of the visitors had left. Or decamped, so to speak.

Trade Union BannersWe went to the People’s History Museum for want of anything else to do. As you can imagine from the title, it is unashamedly left-wing exhibition, chronicling as it does the struggle for democracy that we take for granted today.

Some of it feels anachronistic in these ‘enlightened’ times, like the trade union banners on the right, but whatever your views about them, working men found solidarity walking beneath them and won important freedoms that we have inherited.

Executioner's AxeAnd you can’t belittle what the early pioneers did to further the cause of social democracy when you see exhibits like the executioner’s axe of the left that awaited those falsely found guilty of sedition and treason.

In fact the was just for show and not actually used. Instead the job was ‘humanely’ done by a surgeon wielding a scalpel. Isn’t civilisation a wonderful thing?

Speaking of which, we finished off our visit with a meal at Pizza Express. You see it was for the freedom to eat in the fast food restaurant of our choice that our forefathers gave up their lives.

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  • john 27th August 2012

    I may give that a go next time I visit Nige!

  • Blood Red Pudding 28th August 2012

    I judge your mischievous use of the term “decamped” to be homophobic. You clearly need to go on a weekend course to expel such prejudices from your thinking. The People’s History Museum sounds interesting and I’d like to decamp there one day.

  • Mr Parrot 28th August 2012

    It’s worth an hour or two John – and it’s free!

    YP: Not homophobic, just a play on words. If it were, then the Manchester Evening News would be equally guilty in its guide to events: ‘It’s a Gay Knockout, eight teams battle it out through a series of camp events.’

    I’m rather sorry I missed that one.

  • Trevor Rowley 28th August 2012

    Mr P: Just to set the record straight, might any of those sentenced for sedition and treason NOT have been falsely found guilty? (In other words, might have actually been guilty). How do we work that one out? Laws of Chance maybe, Rule of Thumb, perhaps even a bit of guesswork? There have always been evil gits about and not always on the same side. Let’s not get lost in a sea of romanticism.

  • Mr Parrot 28th August 2012

    You’re absolutely right Trevor. I wrote the post when I was tired and lazily suggested that they might have been innocent even though they might well have been guilty under the law as it was applied. My brains have been thoroughly washed by the bias of the museum!


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